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The Metrosexual’s Gun

Kim du Toit put up what he calls a “Metrosexual Gun” for his Gratuitous Gun Pic of the week, and I have to agree with him. Not only is the gun twinkish looking (as opposed to the utilitarian ugliness of the Glock) but it chambers a pretty useless cartridge (5.7mm). I disagree with Kim about the 9x19mm, but geez Louise, how tiny do you want your damned pistol cartridge? The biggest tradeoff for the nine is that you get more in the mag; with this thing, you are dealing with a zippy tiny bullet. Overpenetration galore in home defense, and there is no way it is going to stay in the target long enough to expend any energy.

But you didn’t come for the gun talk. You came to see this:
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Votes for Votes

The local rag has a story about Nader’s ballot problems in Texas, and features this gem from the Texas Donks:

Mike Lavigne, a spokesman for the Texas Democratic Party, said Mr. Nader’s efforts were misplaced.

“Nader is a spoiler. That’s all he is,” he said. “I think Democrats realize that a vote for Nader is a vote for Bush.”

Oh really? I had hoped that we would stay away from this one. It is pretty stupid. I heard it all the time as a Libertarian voter. A vote for Nader is a vote for Nader, not Bush. A vote for Harry Browne was a vote for Browne. (I’m glad he didn’t win, now that it turns out that he is a fink and a crook.)

Here’s the best part, though: If it is the official line for Democrat spokesmen that a vote for Nader is a vote for Bush, does that mean that it is OK to reciprocate by saying that a vote for Kerry is a vote for Al Queda?

Kim’s Guns and Trucks

Say Uncle has posted his choices in Kim’s Challenge:

If you were only going to shoot one handgun and one rifle, and drive only one car or truck for the rest of your life, what would your choice(s) be?

My choices (and reasons) were:

  • Glock Model 17 (9mm): I know Kim has an irrational bigotry against the 9mm Parabelum cartridge. Tough titty. It’s my gun. More importantly, it is my only gun. It is the gun that will have to teach my kids to shoot with. It is the gun that I might have to hand off to my wife or kid if things get nasty. I want a cartridge that I can carry a lot of and that someone that people other than a strapping 27 year old man can handle.
  • M14: Did I want a battle rifle, a hunting rifle, or a varmint rifle? If I have to pick, I’ll take the battle rifle. I can make a battle rifle serve as the other two much easier than one of the others will serve as a battle rifle. The M14 is pretty much the best battle rifle ever made.
  • HMMWV: A real Hummer, not one of these H2 monstrosities. It will run on damned near anything, is something I can work on, is much harder to tear up than a civilian vehicle, and can go anywhere. If there wasn’t such a creature as a Hummer, I would have gone for a Willys Jeep for the same reason.

There you go.

Down the Memory Hole

Kynn at Shock and Awe posted a intellectually devoid little post called Six Thousand Words. I commented

Where are the funny captions? That is how talented people post out of context pictures.

I was then told that he had “had enough of me” and that I wouldn’t be commenting there any more. I have to quote vaguely, because those comments have disappeared down the memory hole.

I don’t think what I said was out of line, obscene, or beyond the pale. The only conclusion I can draw is that I hit too close to home, became inconvenient, and had to be removed lest I steal the point.

Things disappear down the memory hole there. Keep that in mind.

The Evil Eye

I don’t know how many people read The Mark Cuban Weblog but the latest entry is great. I had always thought of Cuban as a Perot style nut (and his Russ Martin appearances fed that assumption — and not unintentionally, I’ll bet) but having read his blog for a while, I’ve changed my opinion. He’s just a guy who likes to work and happened to make a lot of money at it. Dig this:

Have you ever gotten the evil eye on national tv? I have. I liked it. It was one of those “watch me stare at you so hard, I think I can make you cry looks”…ooooh, I was scared.

That should whet your appetite. RTWT.

The INTJ Convention

I’ve noticed that we Masterminds tend to congregate together in the blogosphere, reading each other’s blogs. We are over-represented on blogs and the internet, but not to the degree that I see when the blogs that I read post MBTI results.

The best explaination that I can come up with is that illogical arguments cause us to dismiss someone as a fool and stop reading them (or never start) meaning that we keep reading mostly NT Rationals, which causes Masterminds to be overrepresented.

My other theory is that our primary and secondary functions (introverted intuition and extroverted thinking) make us particularly suited to blogging, in that we have a desire to write (“extroverted thinking”) and the intuitive ability to make connections and start memes that most people don’t pick up on. The only reason that I don’t fully subscribe to this theory is that I suspect it is mainly driven by my own ego.