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Get this — Wired News: Documenting Moore’s Oscar Chances:

The current spotlight on documentaries, particularly those of the political persuasion, means more movie fans than usual are likely to pay attention to the Best Documentary Feature category during the 77th Academy Awards.

But a quirky rule that declares ineligible any documentary distributed on television or the Internet during the nine months after its theatrical release could leave some gaps in the potential nominees.

Here’s an idea; why don’t you jackasses stop worrying about disqualifying it for being netcast and instead disqualify it for NOT BEING A DOCUMENTARY?

Wictory Wednesday

That’s right, it’s Wictory Wednesday. I know that a lot of what you have been seeing is “vote for my guy because the other guy is sooooo bad.” I even slip into that mode too, and I don’t like it. I want to tell you why you should support Bush. Read about the strategy for National Security. This is the most rational and liberty friendly plan being offered. Don’t vote against Kerry — vote for Bush. Volunteer, donate.
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Operation Give

Chief Wiggles needs your help.

We are having a problem with the first shipping company that we used. The problem comes in the form of deposits that we were required to put down on the 3 containers that we shipped. For each container, we placed a $10,000 deposit to guarantee its return. This deposit was placed with the shipping company in the US, Atlas Line.

This is where the problem comes in. The containers arrived and the shipping company in Kuwait responsible for the containers safety never received their deposits. We were still able to ship the contents of the first container on to Baghdad, but the 2nd and 3rd have been held in Kuwait because of this.

Stealing from charity is bad, m’kay? Stealing from a charity for children is badder, m’kay? Stealing from a charity that gives toys to children in Iraq who have never had a fucking thing and now have to deal with building a country out of the remains of a tyrannical despotic hellhole that was only smashed through a major war — is REALLY GODDAMNED BAD, m’kay?

Spread the word. (UPDATE: The Issue has reportedly been settled. Put down the Molotov cocktail.)


Radical protesters are reportedly trying to cause chaos at the Republican National Convention in New York City at the end of August. Uh huh.

Reports show that fringe groups are hatching a plot on the Internet, telling people how to attack and trick police with the ultimate goal of evacuating Madison Square Garden. The suggestions include everything from throwing marbles in the path of police-mounted horses to going to shooting ranges before heading to the convention so that their clothes will reek of gunpowder and trick bomb-sniffing dogs on the subways and commuter trains.

Well, I’ll tell you what, Sparkey. There are two avenues to pursue here, and they depend on what happens. First, the guys who throw marbles at police horses get charged with attempted murder of a peace officer (a falling horse has a good chance of killing the rider, and at the least breaking the horse’s leg and forcing him to be put down — and the horse is a peace officer too). The jackasses that are trying to fool the dogs get charged with obstruction of justice.

And that’s all if that is the only thing that happens. If there is a real terrorist attack, you charge these bastards with treason. And I am deadly serious. Look at the what the constitution defines treason as:

Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.

When you attempt to defeat bomb detection equipment by giving false positives and that hides the real bomb from detection, that is giving aid to the enemy. There is no reasonable doubt about that. That is levying war against the United States.

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Stupid Trolls

Drummy dealing with a troll. This little gem from the troll in the comments caught my eye:

I must upset you since you resort to deleting. Is the TRUTH emberrasing you in front of your brownshirt friends?

Apparently, our little troglodyte has no idea what a brownshirt is. The Sturmabteilung:

Instead of a large mass assault, the Sturmabteilung were organized into small teams of a few soldiers each.

Just like our troll buddy and his dingleberries.

Drummy didn’t go looking for you. You went looking for him. You are the one doing the attacking, and that makes you the brownshirt. Just like the Nazis, you are a socialist, offensive bully, and the world would be better off if you whittled away your time in private and left the rest of the world alone.

Absotively No Surprise

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Jury Nullification

Xlrq has been in a running feud with Michael Williams in this comments to this post that has taken a tangent that is interesting to me. This is the comment that caught me:

Rhesa: That makes me wonder, also: do a lot of non-Christians think right off the bat that a politician or judge who’s a Christian will go so far as to defy the law because it trumps Christian principles? Christians are told to submit to authority (and not just in the NT, either) – defying the law, as Roy Moore did where the 10C were concerned, isn’t exactly the rule here, more like the exception.

Xlrq: A lot of times, it’s not really about “defying” the law, so much as distorting it. Where the law isn’t crystal clear, it ends up being whatever the judge says it is.

In some ways, I agree that the situation is as Xlrq describes, but that isn’t the way it was supposed to work. The law isn’t crystal clear, it is supposed to be interpreted by The People. That is what we have juries for.

The jury has been under attack by the judiciary for about 80 years. The War on blacks the poor freedom drugs has been a big reason for that. So has the socialist civil rights movement. The Civil rights movement started out right, and then veered hard into authoritarianism with Affirmative Action. The People tend to be anti-authoritarian, so they would not hold this up in a jury trial — if given a chance.

That is the reason there has been a concerted effort to kill the idea of Jury Nullification. The Supreme Court is not the ultimate law of the land. The jury is. Not even the Supreme Court can say, “The jury was wrong.” When a jury speaks, that is it. No more arguing. When someone appeals a jury trial, what they are appealing is that the court did something wrong, and the jury didn’t have the whole story, or got a distorted picture. If the jury gets the whole truth, and still rules against it, you are SOL.

Back in the good old days (of slavery and such) the jury decided both the facts and the law. For example, Dred Scott didn’t have much of an effect on the state of affairs in the north. The SCOTUS decided that an escaped slave was still property. You know what? Jury after jury told them to jump in the lake. They refused to convict, and they were right.

The court system (our betters, you know) don’t like it when The People act like The People. They want us to be the people, which is entirely different. They want us to do as were told, rather than telling them what we are going to do. The SCOTUS would not be an issue on these matters if we would do our damned job, and throw out bad laws. When the court brings in a case for medical marijuana, it is the job of the jury to throw that case out and nullify they federal law.

It is our constitutional duty — the Seventh Amendment. We are the last safeguard.