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John Kerry is Double Plus Good!

So it turns out that the Kerry Website has a memory hole. I wonder how much that costs — in terms of credibility, I mean. Probably nothing, but I can hope. It isn’t like we haven’t seen this behavior before.

Everyone on the internet should know — the worst way you can respond to a fisking is to remove the link to the fisked article. At that point, all that remains in the internet is the very worst parts of your article, sitting in blockquote tags in the fisking.

When, not If

It will happen here. This was effective. Too effective. The next one will be here, and it will be even more effective. The people who plan this sort of thing will use better explosives with a better system to detonate it when the assault begins.

Do you know why they picked a school? Body mass. They knew that any amount of gas like the Russians used in the Moscow Theater episode that would put down the terrorists would be a deadly dose for the children.

I don’t know what the lessons are here. I know a couple of specific things, like opening up the design of the schools so there is no where for terrorists to hide on the inside where snipers cannot get to them, but other than that, we have no defense. Hit them as soon as they do it. Don’t wait 54 hours — don’t wait 54 minutes. Have the local SWAT hit them within 20 minutes. You cannot give them time to set up the next time, or they will kill every. Single. Hostage.

It isn’t a matter of “what if they do this to us?” It is a matter of “when are they going to do this to us?” Hit them now, before they have a chance. And for those of you who think that “Osama == War on Terror”, I’m sure Osama had absolutely nothing to do with this, and Al Queda has a lot to do with this.

Speaking Under the Influence

You know, when I read people saying that Kerry looked drunk in his reponse to Bush’s speech, I dismissed it as more partisain bullshit. But after watching it…

I think he was drunk. His speech is slurred, he has the drunk mannerism of the “let me tell you”s and the the repeating and all the other things I’ve associated with being drunk.

All in all, it was a very, very unpresidential performance. Look for yourself.

Gonna Fisk that Fat Right Off of His Ass

In a story as intellectually devoid at the delegates that it covers, ABC reports that Delegates Call Moore ‘Fat Pig’:

You can call Michael Moore a lot of things — and Republicans do. They say the creator of “Fahrenheit 9-11” is a traitor, a liar, a scoundrel, but inevitably some deploy the last acceptable slur in the American arsenal of insults.

They call him … a fat man.

I guess communist looting liar hypocrite isn’t really an insult as far as ABC is concerned.

Now Moore is a large man. Even fellow leftist Ralph Nader has said he should lose weight. “He’s over 300 pounds. He’s like a giant beach ball,” Nader said.

Well, I’ll grant them one thing — when Nadar and the average Republican are agreeing on something, there is more than a nugget of truth there.

But the Republicans’ repeated fat insults are testimony to two truths:

1. They really, really, really dislike Michael Moore.

2. In the 21st century, fat is still an acceptable and powerful slur.

1) I think that ABC vastly overestimates how far you have to push the average American to get them to laugh at a fat man. (See: Louis Anderson, Chris Farley, John Pinnette, Dom Delouise, Jackie Gleason, Peter Griffon, Homer Simpson…)

2) Fat is an acceptable slur for an important reason: for the vast majority of the obese, it is a result of lifestyle choices. Yes, there are different body types, but to get to the Moore level you have to let yourself go.

The Republicans are “behaving exactly like the third-grade bullies who tormented me as a child,” says Marilyn Wann, author of the book “FAT!SO?” “Any time you invoke the f-word” — and here she means “fat,” not another f-word — “you’re using an incredibly powerful weapon.”

Awwww… Mawiwan is a fat advocate. You want to know what a powerful weapon is, Mary? This is a powerful weapon. A word is just a word. Anyone know if Kerry voted against that one too?

Moore says he once was skinny, but put on weight in the 1980s when he lived on $99 a week in unemployment and subsisted on cheap, starchy foods. He wants to lose weight, he has said.

Riiiiiiiight. You know what? About a billion Chinese live on cheap, starchy foods with less than $99 a week, and they aren’t big people. Regardless, once you got your first $5 million, if you are still not losing weight, it is because you are still making choices that don’t cause you to lose weight. You would like it if you weren’t as heavy, but you don’t want to spend any effort on it.

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Warrior Glenn

The Alliance: New Filthy Lie Assignment: Glenn’s Viet Nam Service?

A picture speaks a thousand words.

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Georgia on My Mind

I noticed something on the video of Zell’s speech that I haven’t seen anyone note yet. Who noticed the song that they played Zell on with?

The Devil Went Down to Georgia, made famous by Charlie Daniels.


Wictory Wednesday

If you are in Dallas (or one of the Russ Martin googlers) then don’t forget about the Police Fire Military Parade Russ is organizing on September 11. This is the third one, and they are all good. I didn’t see any military in the list, but hopefully Ft. Hood can send some guys out again, and maybe we can get some flyovers by the Texas Air National Guard (George’s old alumni) and the Texas Guard Air Wing (not to be confused with the National Guard.)

As always on Wictory Wednesday, I’m asking you to help the campaign to re-elect George W. Bush. I think it is too late to donate money, but you can still donate time.

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