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Russ for Mayor

Russ Martin Announces Candidacy for Dallas Mayor

Announcement on the Air on December 17, 2004

Russ “The Russiah” Martin has decided to run for Mayor on the following platform:

  • Russ will put the strip clubs back on Northwest Highway
  • Russ will put smoking back in Restaurants
  • Russ will get the firemen back on the street corners for the Fill the Boot campaign
  • Russ will get our $60,000 back for the study that discovered that our Gorilla got out
  • Russ will put Dallas Cops in Town Cars and force the city council to drive Crown Victorias

Hell, he’s got my vote.

Extraordinary Absurdity

Dean Esmay has some Thoughts On Intelligent Design that engendered the following comment from one Scott Kirwin:

ID is an extraordinary claim. Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary proof.

This is a huge fallacy and not science. This is the most kicked around crackpot psuedo-scientific claim I have ever heard.

There is no such thing as an extraordinary claim.

There is no such thing as extraordinary proof.

Proof is. Something in science is either proven or not proven. It doesn’t matter whether or not you think the hypothesis is “extraordinary”. People thought that the idea of the Earth revolving around the Sun was extraordinary at the time, but no “special” proof was required to make it science. All it required was proof, just like everything else.

Whenever someone uses the phrase “extraordinary proof”, that person is no longer thinking scientifically.


I really wasn’t expecting this:

A former Claremont McKenna College psychology professor convicted of falsely reporting her car was vandalized and spray-painted with racist and anti-Semitic slurs was sentenced Wednesday to a year in state prison.

Kerri Dunn, 40, of Redlands, was convicted Aug. 18 of one misdemeanor count of filing a false police report and two felony counts of attempted insurance fraud stemming from the March 9 incident. She had faced anywhere from probation to three years in prison.

She had claimed her car was targeted in what at first appeared to be a hate crime while she was speaking at a campus forum on racial tolerance.


(Via Bitter Bitch)

Go Russ Go

Russ has “relieved” Dan O’Malley of his duties on the Saturday 7-11pm show this weekend for talking out his ass, and now he is talking about filling the time by smoking meat on the air. Maybe playing some Christmas carols on KVIL while he does it. All I have to say is…

Do it. Please do it. I’ll be listening just to see if he will. It’s performance art. It’s avante guarde. It will cement the Russiah as an artiste. I guarantee you that no other radio personality has filled four hours smoking meat and listening to another station on the air. Only Russ Martin could do this and get better ratings than the show he is replacing. “Smoking Meat with Russ Martin.”

When I’m Right I’m Right

A few months back, I gave Danny Boy a reality check:

No one feeds us spin. We do just fine on our own, thank you. No one emails us talking points. (Actually, I’ve got some Democrat wonk emailing me crap I never asked for, but I treat it like all the penis pill spam I get. I’m happy with the candidate I chose and the size of my penis, so both of you cut it out.)

The blogosphere, if it feeds on anything other than ego, feeds on hype. Consider these two possibilities, Dan:

  • I get emailed some talking points from Karl Rove, and I parrot them just like everyone else and become just another myrmidion


  • I take those talking points, shout “look! Karl Rove is feeding me talking points!” and then become the darling of the left wing moonbats and get a Kos-alanche.

It’s simple game theory, Danny Boy. I’m going to do that latter, I’m going to suck on the teat of hype and boost my ego, and then I am going to fade away like all the other bloggers.

And so would half the other bloggers who got fed talking points like that. Face it, Dan — if the machine existed, bloggers would have been burning thier own grandmothers at the stake to break the story.

Well, apparently Danny decided to call my bluff and ended up proving me right. What is amusing is that these guys tried to get the best of both worlds — calling attention to the pimping by CBS, and still pimping the message. Priceless.


Science isn’t a consensus. Consensus isn’t science.

Science is about evidence and proof, not agreement. Whenever a scientist holds up how many other scientists say they agree with him rather than the evidence itself, he is doing it because the evidence is weak.

Wealth Building Foundation?

CS has a post about a “Wealth Building Foundation“. One of the guys running this scam has been infesting a listserve she frequents, and is apparently a few rounds short of a full magazine. The Wealth Foundation, as they have fashioned themselves, looks like a cross between a cult of personality, an illegal tax shelter, and a flat Ponzi scheme. I’m just wondering how long it takes before the FTC and SEC come busting in the door at that joint.

Here’s a gem from this nut:

“The problem is that people who claim to be experts cannot fathom how a novice could have a different point of view (that was not preprogrammed with the common belief system on the particular field of study) and run circles around them within the scope of innovation.”

I’m guessing that means that even if he has read this study he wouldn’t understand it. But he would think that he did.