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Rock and Roll Wisdom

Take you a glass a water
Make it against the law
See how good the water taste
When you can’t have any t’all

Credence Clearwater Revival, Bootleg


Grapevine Drive-In

I miss Joe Bob.


Fred Thompson sure makes it easy to want to vote for him:

Wouldn’t it be great if, instead of worrying so much about how to divide the pie, we could work together on how to make the pie bigger?

Tanners and Dyers

Le Claire, Iowa is being stupid. Of course, it is preachers being the center of the stupid, which doesn’t surprise me. I don’t think religious people are stupid, but I think that the people who make money off religion make the most off the stupid people. (See: Scientology.) Anyways, get a load of this:

The Le Claire City Council is scheduled to decide Monday whether to sell three acres of commercially zoned land to Baer, who offered $10,000, or to Brunk and Vaughan, who submitted a bid that was $500 higher.

“We feel this is a negative business to bring into a residential area,” Vaughan said. “We don’t want it in our neighborhood.”

Vaughan said Baer’s weapons plant should be in an industrial part of town, but “even if he moved his factory there, I would still be against it because of what they make.”

And if, say, a Jewish community or a Muslim community was trying to outbid your group on a piece of land that you wanted to build a church on because they are ‘against what you do’, would that be OK? I fully support putting your money where your mouth is. I’m not attacking the method (in fact, it is one of the few moral methods of opposing something like this.) I am attacking the motivation.

The group Iowans for the Prevention of Gun Violence in Cedar Rapids has spearheaded an effort to stop the land sale to Baer. Spokesman John Johnson said a plant that customizes semiautomatic rifles and handguns sends a negative message to visitors and townsfolk alike.

“Every feature on the guns are designed for mass killing, so does it make sense to sell these to the general public?” Johnson asked. “Semiautomatic weapons are designed for combat. A military weapon is designed for mass killing.”

Ahh, here we are. “Mass killing.” Hmm. Let’s see, what have people used for mass killing before?


Yup, yup, slings are weapons for mass killing. Ask any bronze age soldier. See ya, David. Can’t have you in Le Claire.

Swords must be right out. Bye bye Archangel Michael. Don’t let the sun set on you in Le Claire.


Let’s see, is there anything that is specifically designed for killing on an individual basis?


Yeah, I guess that is the only kind of weapon that these guys are ok with. State-sanctioned, court-ordered killing.

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