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In My World: New National Security Team

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“Moving on,” Obama said, “My choice for Secretary of Homeland Security is Janet Napolitano. She lived in a border state.”

“So what are your qualifications to secure the United States?” a reporter asked Napolitano.

“I can see Mexico from my house!” Napolitano answered.

I lawld.

NOW he likes the Constitution

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.:

What if the Constitution said: “All citizens shall enjoy the right to health care of equal high quality and the Congress shall have the power to implement this article by appropriate legislation?

I dunno.  But if it said, “A healthy electorate being necessary to the well-being of a free state, the right to administer and receive health care shall not be infringed,” then it would be illegal to buy penicillin, you would have fill out a 14 page questionnaire to buy aspirin, and if you carried a band-aid within 50 yards of a school you would go to prison.