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Wet Shaving

Lifehacker has started the wet shave argument back up.  I’ve been shaving with a safety razor for about three years now.  This is what I’ve learned.

Your razor sucks.  Really.  Maybe it has been “good enough” for you because you don’t have much hair management to worry about, but I do.  I have a real five o’clock shadow at five o’clock.  I used cartridge razors for a long time.  They would sorta shave me, but if I wanted a close shave, I had to slice my face into pieces to do it.  So I stopped bothering with a close shave.  (More about this later.)

I also tried electrics, because I was getting eaten alive by cartridges (financially and physically.)  After about three days of getting used to it, I was getting a great shave out of the electric.  For about two months.  After about eight months, the razor was pretty much useless.  The blades were way, way too dull to do any good.  The price to replace the blades?  About the same as I would have spent on cartridges.  Bust.  And, I still wasn’t getting a very good shave.

rz-mer-34cI had pretty much resigned myself to that fate when I saw some articles on teh interwebs about wet shaving.  I had disposable income, so I bought a razor and a brush.  I bought this razor and a 100% Badger brush.  I later upgraded to a Pure Badger brush and bought a travel one for my Dopp bag.  I think I went through various cremes and soaps, but I’ve settled on D.R. Harris soap after trying the cream.  A cake of soap lasts me about one to two years.  I bought a package of the 100 Israeli blades (the only ones sharp enough for me) and I still have about 1/3 of the package left.

138-02It’s been three years.  I’m still using the same $40 razor.  I imagine I’ll still be using it in 30 years — the damned thing doesn’t wear.  At all.  I’m still working on my same $15 box of blades after three years.  I’ve spent about $60 on soap and don’t expect to have to spend any more for another year.  Meanwhile, the stuff at the supermarket is $10 a can for soap and $20 for about a month’s worth of blades, and does shit work.

It takes me about three minutes for a “normal” shave.  It’s as good a shave as I could get in five minutes with a cartridge razor (see above), and my face isn’t hamburger at the end.  I rarely cut myself anymore, and I actually move faster than the guy in the Lifehacker video.  It really isn’t that hard once you get over the fear. I shave right after my shower. (I leave the door open to the bathroom to keep the mirror from fogging up, if you have a separate vanity room then you will actually get better results from the shower steam.)

If I’m going out, then I’ll do the long shave.  It’s just like the video.  A normal shave, then a relather and go against the grain.  I almost never need a third pass — just a couple of touch ups under my chin and around my mouth.  And it’s smoove when I get done.  (For a couple of hours.)

Maybe your stubble isn’t the razor destroyer that mine is.  But I bet that you’ll save money and have better feeling skin i you switch.

The only thing I can think of that I do that is unorthodox is that I don’t use aftershave.  I like the smell of the soap, so I just towel my face dry at the end instead of rinsing.  It seems to keep my face in good shape.

Epic Win

“White Power!” the Nazi’s shouted, “White Flour?” the clowns yelled back running in circles throwing flour in the air and raising separate letters which spelt “White Flour”.

Clowns Kicked KKK Asses.

Meghan McCain

Dallas judge throws out police-search evidence

“When you put it under a microscope,” said Kevin Clancy, an attorney representing Aderinboye, “these guys were kind of acting like vigilantes.”

No, Mr. Clancy, when you put it under any level of scrutiny, these guys were acting like criminals.  No “kind of” needed.

Of course, they won’t be prosecuted for their crimes, because they wore badges, which makes them just like you and me, only better.

Hutchison vs. Perry

NRO looks at the question.

It’s real simple to call for me.  Perry has been out doing Tea Parties, giving stemwinders and generally getting a good reception from the base.

Hutchison hasn’t shown up at one yet, as far as I’ve heard, and would probably be booed off the stage if she did, just like Cornyn was.

That pretty much answers the question of where the primary is going to me.

Twitter is not for teens, Morgan Stanley told by 15-year-old expert

Here’s some more information for your research paper, MS: 15 year olds are almost always wrong.  About everything.

The Afrosphere

A pool club run by a left-wing Obama supporter runs a bunch of black kids out?  That’s going to get constant coverage in the afrosphere (except for the “the club is run by an Obama supporter” and the “it was a safety issue” part.)

If a Republican candidate has an offensive comment on her facebook page, well, that needs wall to wall posting too.  Never mind that it was a commenter, not her.

On the other hand, A black mob chanting “It’s a black world” while they attempt to lynch a white family? Not so much as a peep.