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Scott Adams:

My new home will have solar power. It was a city requirement. I plan to brag about it to people who are passionate about the environment and bad at math.



It’s over. The fact that there is no international outcry and more importantly, no support from the White House, means that this opportunity is lost.


mob :  1688, “disorderly part of the population, rabble,” slang shortening of mobile, mobility “common people, populace, rabble” (1676), from L. mobile vulgus “fickle common people” (1600), from mobile, neut. of mobilis “fickle, movable, mobile,” from movere “to move” (see move).

via Online Etymology Dictionary.

It’s useful to look at the origin of words.  The term “mob” dates back to the 17th century, in the time when England was chopping off the heads of its kings, and a new middle class was forming.

The aristocracy was unhappy.  You see, this middle class, people who were moving from the lower class to the middle class, had very strange ideas about things like “rights” and “commerce”.  Why, if the king decided that he needed a few million pounds to go fight another war with France, he was accustomed to just taxing everyone who had money until he had enough for a war.  But now this Mobile Middle Class, the mob, had different ideas. They thought that the king had done enough adventuring on the Continent, and they were just fine not paying any more taxes, thank you very much.

This is the mob that started by shortening Charles the First’s rule by about, oh, ten inches and ended up running James II out of England, writing up the Revolutionary Settlement (with such wacky parts as the Englishman’s Bill of Rights) and establishing a Prime Minister with absolutely no royal blood at all.  The nerve!

And now the mob is at it again.  Not content to finance Our Betters’ wild expensive adventures, it is once again rising up, saying no more taxes, and down with kings.

You want to call us a mob?  You’re goddamned right that we’re The Mob.  We are the Mobility, and we’re rising up.


The White House is running an underground campaign to enlist people to claim… that the opposition is astroturfing.  You can’t make this ridiculous shit up.  Shameful.

I’m really starting to think that the essence of the DNC is narcissism expressed through projection.  Constant, overweening projection.


You are killing the word “racist”. Just like you killed “fascist.”  You see, at one time, “fascist” had a definition.  It was a “third way” goverment that promised economic prosperity through the intense government regulation of corporations and industry.  (Sound familiar?)

It was actually considered a really groovy thing by a lot of political thinkers, who called themselves “progressives”.  They pretty much meant the same thing, like “left” and “liberal” do now.  Then, something happened.  You know, the whole “Mussolini and Hitler, sitting in a tree” thing.  And all of the sudden, “fascist” went out of style.  (Progressive stuck around, because it is what FDR called himself.  Never mind that before the war he wrote congratulatory letters to Mussolini about how his brilliant system turned Italy around and implemented the same ideas here.)

But the word “fascist” stuck around.  Progressives just threw it out whenever they caught someone doing something that was a lot like what they did but that they didn’t like.  If they liked you, you were a “progressive”.  If they didn’t like you, you were a “fascist”.

Eventually, the word “fascist” ended up being completely divorced from Mussolini’s socioeconomic system, and now means “something that the epithet thrower doesn’t like.”

If you keep doing that with racist — which is what this is, since people made the exact same photoshops of Bush — then racist will cease to have any meaning other than “poopyhead.”  Unless you think that the real racists are all gone and we don’t need a way to identify them anymore, then that’s a bad thing.

The Power to Destroy

I know that the idea of the government controlling healthcare sounds like a really groovy idea to some people.

I, on the other hand, am dismayed at how government handles really easy stuff like dog catching and pothole filling, and therefore don’t want them anywhere near anything important like medicine.

But, here is something that people who are looking for more government control of healthcare should remember. You won’t always be in charge. Remember 2001-2008?  That was a long time, wasn’t it?  In that time, George W. Bush and the Republican congress took all those nifty programs that Clinton came up with, and twisted them around to work the way they wanted.  It will happen again.

Supposed you get the ultimate goal — government has total control and responsibility for healthcare.  Eventually, Republicans are going to get control of all that power.  It always happens.

The first thing that is going to happen is that Roe v Wade is going to be moot.  Government Healthcare is going to just stop paying for abortions.  You don’t have to ban it.  You just cut the money off.  Therapy and counseling?  No and no.

Do you really think that Republicans are racist?  Then the logical conclusion to draw is that when Republicans get control of government again, minority-tilted diseases are suddenly going to find themselves on the way, way back burner.  Sickle cell?  Who cares?  Certainly not the government funding all the research and treatment.  Diabetes?  Let’s just call it Funabetes and stop worrying!

When the government is controling healthcare, then the government decides where to build clinics and hospitals.  Do you really want whether or not a clinic stays open in a poor neighborhood to be based on winning an election? And then there is the STD issue.  What happens when the party in control of healthcare decides that people who get STDs and AIDS “brought it on themselves?”

You will not stay in power forever.  Surely the last nine years illustrated that better than anything.  Republicans certainly have it in mind right now.  Remember that when you are putting together any political plan.  Whatever you do must be resilient enough to survive being run by your worst enemy.  Complete government control of healthcare is not, not by a damned sight.  Right now, the government has to actually do something to kill you.  When they are in control of healthcare, they will be able to kill you dead by simply doing nothing.