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I can’t believe I feel the need to post this…

Anthony Weiner is not huge. He’s just good at using forced perspective.

That is all.

Weiner is a Bro

Breitbart now has Weiner’s Naked Torso (and More).

There’s no other way around it.  Tony Weiner is a bro.  He’s a full on, Jersey Shore bro.  This a a brotograph:

I knew that this was bad, but not that it was this bad.  A photo that cheesy is worse than throbbing junk in briefs.

Another hole in the PROOF!!!!111!!!

Yfrog now denies the crazy theory from Cannonfire.

Which makes this extra delicious:

One last thing. ABC News has written that the Yfrog security exploit has been shut down.

So, Mr. Phelps, it appears that you were full of shit.

I’ll say it again: They would not have closed down the loophole if that loophole were not the way Wolfe tried to frame Weiner.

It’s over, Phelps. Your side lost. Even Breitbart now pretty much admits it.

I believe that, among right-wingers, the relevant expression would be…BWAHAHAHAHA!

Hope I spelled that correctly.

Joseph: 2:45 PM

I’m glad he said it again after banning me, so that there was no confusion.

Joseph Cannon: Clown Shoes.

Update: Just to be clear on my side, this confirms that Weiner sent the pic.  It was on his yfrog account, yfrog categorically denies that anyone else could send photos to your account unless you have them access to it — therefore, Weiner or someone he knows the identity of did it.  He has every reason to point the finger at someone — anyone — and has not.  Therefore, there is no one to point the finger at but himself.

The end.


Reasoned Discourse

The brainiac running “Cannonfire” has apparently hit the Reasoned Discourseâ„¢ Wall and has banned me for… well, disagreeing.

Here is the comment that I would have posted there, if his partisan bullshit could stand up to disagreement, which it obviously cannot.

Phelps, your “secret government phone” theory is so utterly inane as to be unworthy of comment.

That’s what you are hanging your hat on? There’s nothing secret about it.

The Yfrog exploit was the method by which the framer inserted the picture. We know this because a lot of people — not just milowent — are now finding that they can no longer use this exploit. For chrissakes, do a little googling, willya?

I did. All the cites source back to here or LFG. Yfrog has no mention of it on their site or blog.

Now consider yourself banned, you lying fuck.

What lie?

Seriously, guys, take a look at the comments and see if you can identify anything even resembling a “lie” from me.  To this clown, if you don’t see everything 100% his way (completely with logical gaps and leaps of faith) then you are liar.  And a wingnut.  And on fishing expeditions.  And no right to ask anything.  Since you are a filthy rethuglican liar.

Take a look, lefties.  This is who is carrying your flag.  This is the guy being cited by major organizations in their apologies for Weiner’s dickcapades.

Update: This is rich.  After accusing pretty much everyone not a 101% Weinerite of being on a fishing expidition, our Emmy Award Winner says:

A screen cap of metadata can always be doctored, so a screen cap is not good enough. That’s why I want Dan Wolfe’s drives.

I walk back everything.  This is performance art on an Andy Kaufman level.  You suckered me in with your satire.  Touche, sir.  Touche.

Our Healthcare Future

This is the hidden danger of Obamacare’s march to single payer. If you want to have a real world example of what healthcare looks like under single payer, look at our schools.

We have, in our educational system, exactly the sort of forces you will see under single payer.  The wealthy will pay more for private service.  They will get the only truly good service.  Some of the less wealthy will undergo financial strain to pay for private service.

What most people will do, on the other hand, is purchase homes based on the healthcare they can get associated with it.  We already have that for parents.  Parents will pay much, much more for a comparable home if the alternative is in a less attractive school district.  We will begin to see the same things happen with healthcare.

And what will be the result?  The very thing that Obamacare is supposed to end.  The haves and have-nots.  Those who can afford to live in places with good medical districts, just like good school districts, will get acceptable service, and ghetto service will be just like ghetto schools.

What will happen next?  We will start trying to solve the poor hospitals problem with money.  What we won’t do is acknowledge that the doctors are segregating themselves, with the good doctors going to the good medical districts, and the leftover doctors falling down to the ghetto hospitals.  Hospitals will get even more administration heavy, and when it becomes undeniable that ghetto hospitals aren’t comparable to suburban hospitals, we will start rating service outcomes.

And then doctors will begin treating not with patient happiness in mind, but in satisfying these arbitrary service outcome ratings.  Health, like education, will be an afterthought — there’s no financial advantage in a healthy patient, just one that lets you rack up tons of high rated service outcomes.

And people with means will continue moving to even more overpriced houses in more exclusive places, not just because they have kids who need a good school district, but because they need a good hospital district.  And the ghetto will get even worse.

That’s single payer healthcare.