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The Casey

And now the leather-covered sphere came hurtling through the air,

And Casey stood a-watching it in haughty grandeur there.

Close by the sturdy batsman the ball unheeded sped—

“That ain’t my style,” said Casey. “Strike one!” the umpire said.



Carter 2.0

Gas lines are next.  It’s 1979 all over again.

Low-P, a gasoline station in Calabasas, California, 30 miles west of Los Angeles, stopped selling unleaded gasoline Oct. 2 and ran out of high-octane and medium-octane fuel yesterday, John Ravi, the station’s owner, said by phone yesterday. Ravi said he posted an “Out of Gasoline” sign on each pump and took down the prices outside his shop.

“I can get gas, but it’s going to cost me $4.90 a gallon, and I can’t sell it here for $5,” Ravi said. “If you come here right now, I’ve got some diesel left. That’s all. My market is open, but no gas.”

“We’re going to start shutting pumps Friday,” Sam Krikorian, owner of Quality Auto Repair in North Hollywood, said by phone yesterday. “Gas is costing me almost $4.75 a gallon with taxes. There’s no sense in staying open. The profit margins are so low it’s not worth it.”

On Lehrer

Obama’s spokeclown is blaming Obama’s failure on Jim Lehrer.  This is rich:

“I sometimes wondered if we even needed a moderator because we had Mitt Romney,” Cutter told CNN shortly after the debate, though she told POLITICO that Lehrer did his job as moderator and that her comments were strictly about Romney.

Yeah, “strictly about Romney” just like when someone insults you to your face and then says, “I don’t mean that in a bad way.”

Here’s the thing.  Obama wants another four years as the fucking president.  The Head Honcho.  The Leader of the Free World.  You know what one of the qualities of a leader is?  You take charge.  ‘Oh, Lehrer didn’t stop Romney enough!’  That’s Obama’s job.  

Did Obama get walked all over by Romney?  Absolutely.  Just like how Putin has walked all over Obama.  Just like how Mubarak walked all over Obama.  Just like how China has walked all over Obama.  Just like how Iran walks all over Obama.  Just like how the Saudi princes walked all over Obama.

I’m tired of a doormat president.  It would be nice to have a president who knew how to be an alpha male and not get bullied by other leaders.


Power Line has a good article on body language. Specifically how bad Obama’s was.  This in particular jumped out at me:

Obama was unprepared.  He did not do the work you need to do for a debate.  He wasn’t even physically prepared.  That’s what the leg thing shows.  He was tired.  Able to give good answers?  He couldn’t even stand at the podium well.

Romney prepared.  You fight like you train.  I would not be surprised to find out that Romney had a mock stage set up, with podiums in the same positions, so that it became natural for him to stand there for hours and look in the direction that his opponent would be in.

Obama looked like he had been “preparing” in an easy chair.

One of two things happened.  Either the people responsible for preparing Obama are completely incompetent  or Obama wouldn’t listen to them and do what they told him.  Either way, Obama pays the price.  He was unprepared to take office four years ago, and now he’s still unprepared.

Romney knew the facts.  Obama borrowed a script.  When Obama made a statement, Romney replied to it, rebutted it, expanded on it.  When Romney made a statement .. Obama went back to his script.  How many times did he go back to the “five trillion dollar tax cut” well?  After Romney flat out denied it the first time, Obama needed to either specifically show why it was true, or leave it alone.  Instead, he went back over and over.  It’s just bad craftsmanship.  Obama was on rails, and Romney danced around his as he trudged along.

Obama lost 11% on inTrade last night.  ‘Nuff said.

The Obama Legacy

Blood in the streets.  Literally.

Just a few bumps in the road.