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Premeditated Murder

The video is conclusive.  This is premeditated murder.

The cop shot him as he was fleeing, and then lied about the reason, which is evidence of premeditation.  Give him the death penalty.

While you are at it, charge all the officers who reported false statements in their reports with accomplice to murder after the fact.  Get them off the force and into prison.

This is the sort of shit that the left made Ferguson out to be.  End it now.  Jail and the needle, all around.

The REAL Lesson

National Review sums it up:

The report’s author, Columbia School of Journalism dean Steve Coll, confirms that Erdely was “searching for a single, emblematic college rape case that would show “what it’s like to be on campus now . . . where not only is rape so prevalent but also that there’s this pervasive culture of sexual harassment/rape culture.”

Make sure that you understand — she did not fail at her goal — she succeeded.  She perfectly captured the “rape culture” on campus, and exposed at as a SJW fantasy, a fabulist creation for political and social engineering reasons, that never actually existed. It is simply a method that hucksters use to prey on your fears.  It’s not real.  The 1 in 5 statistic, the stories of frat gang rapes, the idea that people are being roofied all over frat parties?  Lies.

People get drunk, and people fuck.  When that happens, sometimes people regret it when they sober up.  Welcome to being human.

Does rape happen on campuses?  Absolutely.  There are humans there.  But there is much less rape on campus than in general society.  The campus is the safest place for your daughter to be when she is attending college.  Don’t let the SJW lies hold you back.

Nothing is “too serious” to question.  The serious questions are the ones we must question — and yes, that includes claims of having been raped.  We need to question it, and viciously prosecute the rapists if true — but just as resolutely, we must prosecute the fabulists when they lie about having been raped.

The real rape culture if the culture of lying about rape for sympathy and money.

The Second Time a Farce

I kept thinking that I had heard these arguments before.  “What you are asking for doesn’t make any sense.”  “The law is the law, we’ve passed it, that means you need to give up.”  “If you fight these reasonable restrictions, then you’ll damage your reputation.  It might even lead to a complete ban.”

That’s when I realized that these are the same arguments that we’ve been hearing for 30 years for gun control.  And that’s when I was reassured.  You know why?

We won on gun control.

It took us 30 years — because it was 15 years before we even knew we were in a fight.  But, decades later, we’ve won the court cases, we’ve won the legislative fights, and while there are still some vestigial dinosaurs in government resisting, they are still sinking into the tar, day by day.

The funniest part is that it is the same for gay marriage.  They won.  It’s going to happen.  What isn’t going to happen is the entire reason the Left has jumped onto this bandwagon for a small (<1%) percentage of the population — that this gets parlayed into the destruction of religion.

Those are the stakes.  We get a handle on how “into” the government is allowed to make you (by force, because all law is the use of violence) about gay marriage, or we lose the right to religious freedom.

Casey at the Bat

When Casey let the first two pitches go by, everyone roared to the rafters, even though everyone knew that Casey could bat.  And they were right, because they still lost when Casey whiffed.

When you have some scrub at bat who’s got a 0.000 average, you cut the scrub when he lets the first one go by.


Open Carry WILL be heard and passed in Texas Lege

I’m really tired of seeing this shit, especially from Bob Owens.  Bob, I’ve read you for years, I respect you as a person and a writer, but on this, you have your head far, far up your ass.

ConCarry was never on the table in Texas.  Until Open Carry groups started putting actual pressure on politicians, not fake blog pressure, neither was open carry.  Open carry is now likely to pass, and it is because of people like them taking chances.

Stop being a fucking Fudd and wise up.  Anything we do that will work is going to be “unwise” according to the Establishment Media (which you are spending too much time listening to) and held out as dangerous.  OC Tarrant Co has done as much, legislatively, in the past two years as the rest of us have in a decade on the internet.  Stop shitting on the guy on the ground and back his tactical calls.

Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace, but there is no peace. The war is actually begun! The next gale that sweeps from the north will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms! Our brethren are already in the field! Why stand we here idle? What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have?