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Criminalizing Gay Marriage

So the gay mafia has succeeded in shoving gay marriage down the throats of America against it’s will.


Expect to see a lot of gay people being thrown in jail in states like Oklahoma real soon.  Adultery can be illegal and often is — and you can bet now that gay people are going to be getting married, gay people are going to start going to jail for it.  And statutes are often written, like in Oklahoma, so that you can be guilty of adultery even if you aren’t married — because your sex partner was.

The Real Criticism of Bobby Jindal

Killing the Golden Goose

California has decided to finally kill off it’s legal porn industry by requiring goggles on porn stars. Not kidding.

I stressed legal, because when you cannot viably produce legal porn, porn will still be produced illegally.  We have over a century of alcohol, drug and prostitution prohibition to tell us how that works out.

If the law abiding can’t make porn, the criminals will.  When you get the criminals involved, the current protections for sex workers will disappear.  Set aside wage and contractual protection.  The same things we see in illegal prostitution will happen again.  Women will be forced into porn with violence.  They will be forced onto drugs, raped, beaten, under or unpaid, and abused in any other ways the criminals who will take over the industry can think of.

This is the end of legal porn.  If you support it, then you essentially support human trafficking and abuse of women.  This is why liberals disgust me.

Read Between the Lines

How many known terrorists are there in America that the FBI didn’t have the resources to keep up with this guy?

Federalize it

Al Sharpton wants a federal police force.

Remember after 9-11 when the dumbshit Democrats were saying, “you can’t professionalize unless you federalize”?

How did that work out with the TSA?

We aren’t falling for that okie-doke again.


You’ve Been Making White Russians Wrong

And so have I.

This is the traditional White Russian recipe:

Combine in a glass with ice:

  • 1 part Kahlua
  • 1 part vodka
  • 1 part cream/half&half/milk (depending on taste)


That’s the old recipe.

Here’s the rub.  Drinks with dairy or fruit juice that are not highballs (mixer with a single spirit) are traditionally shaken, not stirred.  There’s a good reason for this — it makes the drink colder, it combines the cloudy ingredients better, and in the case of dairy or egg, foams the drink.

Stirring has its own advantages for clear spirits.  It doesn’t knock volatiles out of the spirit or over-incorporate air (both things you don’t want to do with gin, especially.)

So why is a White Russian stirred?  Because a White Russian is a variation on a Black Russian, which does not have dairy. Since it is Kahlua and vodka, it should be stirred.  When they turned it into a White Russian, they kept stirring it.  It’s how the Dude makes his (although he also uses non-dairy creamer on occasion, a habit I simply cannot endorse, even as a Dudist.)

So I had to give it a try.  I shook a White Russian.  Everything I had suspected was confirmed.  Shaking this drink perfects it, and it was good to start with.  I would say that for this, cream is necessary.  If you do this with milk, you are robbing yourself.  Shake it with cream, vodka and Kahlua.  It gets frothy and thick like a milkshake (you need the cream for that — the same process as with whipped cream happens, as the proteins entangle with the fat, and you need cream for that to happen, not milk).  The volatiles that normally get contained in it are released, and it gets an amazing nose.  It’s milkshake cold, and absolutely wonderful.

My only mistake with it was that I served it traditionally, over rocks.  The milk solids in the cream coated the ice, which was unpleasantly ugly, and it didn’t really add any cold.  From now on, I’m shaking it and serving it up in a cocktail glass, like an Alexander.

And that is how you stop making White Russians wrong.

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