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Theological Arguments

Overhead at church yesterday:

The Everlasting Phelps: “Don’t flick Jesus on the floor.”

Mrs. The Everlasting Phelps: “Mice need communion too.”

The Everlasting Phelps: “Presbyterian mice don’t go to heaven.

Game of Thrones


Things that are a relevant and topical as Duncan Sheik:

  • Pagers
  • Compuserve
  • “Run Forrest Run!” jokes
  • The American Motors Corporation
  • Uncle Jesse from Full House
  • Slap Bracelets
  • Crazy Taxi

Occupy Pasadena


Just going through the archives and saw this.  It amused me even though it shouldn’t.

I couldn’t decide

Which line should I have gone with?

Should I have posted the link as:

I’ll make ya famous


Have you seen this prick?

Bear Cavalry