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Open Carry WILL be heard and passed in Texas Lege

I’m really tired of seeing this shit, especially from Bob Owens.  Bob, I’ve read you for years, I respect you as a person and a writer, but on this, you have your head far, far up your ass.

ConCarry was never on the table in Texas.  Until Open Carry groups started putting actual pressure on politicians, not fake blog pressure, neither was open carry.  Open carry is now likely to pass, and it is because of people like them taking chances.

Stop being a fucking Fudd and wise up.  Anything we do that will work is going to be “unwise” according to the Establishment Media (which you are spending too much time listening to) and held out as dangerous.  OC Tarrant Co has done as much, legislatively, in the past two years as the rest of us have in a decade on the internet.  Stop shitting on the guy on the ground and back his tactical calls.

Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace, but there is no peace. The war is actually begun! The next gale that sweeps from the north will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms! Our brethren are already in the field! Why stand we here idle? What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have?


Poncho Nevarez is a coward and an embarrassment to Latinos and Texas.  This puta started pissing his pants and crying for his mama because a group of citizens, in a completely legal way, talked to him about his job.

That’s it.

This isn’t even civil disobedience.  This is civil obedience.  They followed the law.  And this this yellow-striped coward went crying to the media.

You know who needs “panic buttons”?  PEOPLE WHO PANIC.  He’s a fucking embarrassment to the lege, and everyone who claims to be with him is just as cowardly.


Man up you fucking pussy.  And the same to all you other pansies who are crying about what Open Carry Tarrant Co is doing and all you nancies who have “I am Poncho” buttons.  Take off your RINO underoos and start representing your constituents.

MilSurp Database

Which Collin County police agency decided that it needed 17 FUCKING BAYONETS?

What part of the force continuum do bayonet charges lie on?  Who is the twinkle toed cocksucker in a badge who decided that it would rilly kewl to for cops to have bayonets?

Happy Times

This makes me happy.  No cop is going to decide to start shooting tear gas and rubber bullets and other bullshit at this protest.  You want to know why the Bundy Ranch protest was a win, and Ferguson is still going on?  Because Bundy Ranch looked like this.

We need more responsible black gun owners.  We need more armed middle aged black men and women, and fewer armed 20-something felons.

Wendy Davis


You remember how foolish everyone said Rick Perry was for not setting up an exchange for Texas?

How do you like him now?

Smoking Bans are Not About Health

Why are cities and businesses banning e-cig?  Simple.  Because you can’t ban smokers themselves.

Smoking bans aren’t about health.  The studies claiming a link between second hand smoke and cancer are bullshit.  This is not about health.  This is about signaling to “those people’ that they are not wanted.  Mansfield isn’t saying that there is a problem with e-cigs.  They are saying, “we don’t want the kind of person who uses an e-cig around.”

Smoking bans are about banning smokers, not smoke.

It’s class warfare, and it’s ugly.  E-cig opponents are bigots.

(Once you’ve internalized that one, it’s time to realize that gun bans are about outlawing gun owners, not guns.)