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George Jones

Not playing possum.

I’m glad he was able to do this before he died:

Quote of the Day

If you don’t have a right to keep and bear arms while being rude to a cop, then you don’t have a right to keep and bear arms

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Thanks for the… what?

Hypnotic Donuts is rightfully butthurt over not getting Dallas’ best donut.  On the other hand, consider the source — they voted Bolsa as the best burger.  Riiiiight.  Because that $11 piece of crap totally owns the $3.50 Stock Cheese at Off-Site Kitchen.

This is what real donuts look like:

This is what the best burger in Dallas looks like:

Remember them.

NTTA “top violator Amber Young”

The Dallas Morning News is running a big piece about the Tollway trying to collect on all this money they are “owed” for tolls.

First of all, they aren’t owed $300 million in tolls.  They are actually owed $13 million.  Out of a system that collects over $400 million a year.  The rest is all bullshit “$50 fine for a $0.75 toll” bills.  But setting that aside, they’ve decided to start ‘shaming’ people with the highest bills.  They’ve singled out Amber Young.  Yet they bury this as the very last paragraph:

He also said that although Young has been sent dozens of invoices in the past 18 months, most of which have been turned over to Department of Public Safety. DPS has not issued any citations, however, because the address NTTA has does not match exactly the address

Got that?  They are ‘shaming’ her, but have finally admitted that the reason she hasn’t paid is they keep sending the bills to the wrong address.

And somehow, they think that is her fault.

How Health Care is Politicized

You may or may not have heard that Texas scored last on Obama’s Health and Human Services’ latest report on healthcare by state.  Of course, like any ranking, it really comes down to what you are measuring.  So what does the study measure?

Summary measures of quality of care and States’ performances relative to all States and the region by:

  • Overall health care quality
  • Types of care (preventive, acute, and chronic)
  • Settings of care (hospitals, ambulatory care, nursing home, and home health)
  • Five clinical conditions (cancer, diabetes, heart disease, maternal and child health, and respiratory diseases)
  • Special focus areas on diabetes, asthma, Healthy People 2020, clinical preventive services, disparities, payer, and variation over time

Notice that the outcomes of the care isn’t mentioned.  In fact, it seems to be weighted very, very low.  This study essentially measures how much time people spend in doctor’s offices and hospitals, and how much money they spend.

In fact, in many of the subject studied, such as diabetes and preventative care, outcomes aren’t even measured.

Texas is scored average for cancer care.  But what do we have in the Above-Average category?  “All cancer deaths.”  “Prostate cancer deaths.”  “Lung Cancer deaths.”  In fact, in all the outcome based measurements, Texas scores above average.  What drags down the score?  Not performing as much breast cancer surgery.  Not doing as many Pap tests and colonoscopies.  Well, if are are doing much less of this and still getting better results, what does that tells us about those procedures?  It seems to me that they don’t have much effect on outcomes.  At the end of the day, Texas is average to above-average on cancer deaths.  The end.

On diabetes, Texas is scored poorly, mainly on admissions to the hospital for diabetes and related complications.   No place in the diabetes section does it appear that there is any measure of outcomes.  Heart disease is a similar story to cancer — Texas does poorly on bypass, CHF and angiopathy deaths, but is average on other outcomes based results.  Prenatal care is scored highly, but one of the complaints is about first trimester care.  If everything else does well, doesn’t that suggest that first trimester care isn’t terribly important?

On respiratory diseases, Texas is average on pneumonia deaths, which is the only outcome based measurement I see.  In this system, however, being average on outcomes only gets you to “weak”, if you aren’t running around immunizing everyone you see.

Overall, this study measures one thing — how often do you go to the doctor, and how much time do you spend in the hospital.  In other words, how much money are you spending on doctors.  HHS has released this study for one reason — to be propaganda for more government spending on healthcare.  I suspect that the measurements were massaged to get Texas to rate low simply because we led the pushback on Obama’s takeover of the state agencies.

So the city of Dallas is bitching about not making enough on traffic tickets

Chief Administrative Judge Victor Lander:

We were not asked to speak before the committee today. If we had been asked to speak I certainly would have let it be known, first and foremost, that the court is not a revenue generating entity. It is there to ensure that justice is done in this community. To the extent that they’re looking at the courts as some way of raising money, that’s not what we’re there for, that’s not what the law provides, and it’s not what the law allows.

The court is not a revenue generating entity; the court is there to ensure that justice is done. When you start looking at a court as a place where you’re going to come up with money and generate revenue, then you’ve got a kangaroo court, and that is not what Dallas is all about. We’re a first class city, the eighth largest city in the country, we do not need to have that kind of reputation.

Fucking A.  I’m glad someone in the system remembers how it is supposed to work.

Grand jury to get case of Texas dad who beat alleged child molester to death

James Harrington, director of the Texas Civil Rights Project, an Austin-based nonprofit group, questioned the father’s decision to “summarily execute” the alleged molester without due process.

“Assuming it’s true that this guy was molesting the daughter, and we don’t know what exactly happened at this point, he would then have the right to defend [her], and hit him enough to have him stop,” Harrington told “But you cannot summarily execute him, even though I can understand the anger he would have.”

Jimmy, if you think you are advancing the cause of civil rights by saying this — you’re not.

Stop worrying so much about the rights of child rapists, and you will get more people behind your cause.