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Birth Control and Viagra

July 9th, 2014

Why is contraception treated as “Women’s Preventative Care” in the ACA?  The only thing it “prevents” is pregnancy.  Last time I checked, pregnancy wasn’t a disease or disorder.  I don’t doubt that there are hard core feminazis that consider pregnancy a disease, but the vast majority of the population considers it normal.

Contraception isn’t for preventing diseases or disorders.  It’s to allow you to have sex purely for pleasure.  The methods at issue in Hobby Lobby in fact have no other purpose. Sex purely for pleasure isn’t a medical goal, any more than Hawaiian vacations are.  So let’s face it — we are saying that women are so fundamentally horny and out of control that if we don’t give them free birth control, they won’t spend the $12 on the pills themselves, and will instead just get pregnant.

Here’s my problem — why doesn’t this philosophy also apply to Viagra?  Erectile Disfunction, after all, is an actual disorder, unlike pregnancy.  If our goal is to say that having sex purely for pleasure is a necessity, then Viagra should be at the top of the list.  It not only allows sex for pleasure, but also for procreation.

Contraception is there purely to enable sex for pleasure.  So why not go all the way?  Why aren’t boob jobs free also?  You should get big fat titties along with your IUD.  After all, let’s make sure that you actually get the sex to go along with the birth control — we don’t want to waste taxpayer subsidy dollars.  If we are doing free IUDs, then big ass titties and rock hard viagra super boners should be free too.

Obama’s Biggest Problem — His Own Mouth

July 8th, 2014

Obama causes most of his problems with his own mouth. The immigration problem is exactly that sort of thing. Obama, as President, started running his mouth about amnesty and DREAM acts, and how we should give all these things to kids who are here illegally. What was the result? People in Central America, correctly, heard that as “ship your kids here as soon as you can so they can get amnesty and all this free stuff, including college.”

That is the danger to being president. Your mouth is a loaded gun, and this asshole can’t keep his finger off the trigger. Roosevelt called it the “bully pulpit” for a reason. It isn’t like this is the first time Obama has made his own situation worse by running his mouth. He did the same thing with the IRS. I don’t know if he made any direct orders. Since the IRS is busy destroying all the incriminating evidence, we may never know. At the end of the day, though, we don’t need to have that. Obama gave them the instructions to do what they did on national television during the State of the Union Address. When he went over the line on Citizens United, he told the IRS, “start putting pressure on the kinds of groups Citizens United covers.”

This goes far beyond politics, though. Obama’s habitual line-stepping (to borrow a phrase from Charlie Murphy) is likely setting rapists free. Why? Because apparently this ass-clown can’t remember that he is the Commander-in-Chief, and lets his mouth interfere with military justice. Because he feels the need to spout off to cameras rather than his staff and subordinates, he screws up the chain of command, and ruins ongoing investigations.

Because Obama couldn’t think before he spoke, we have a flood of immigrants coming across the border, in his own Katrina. Because Obama couldn’t think before he spoke, the credibility of the IRS has been ruined for decades, if not forever. Because Obama couldn’t think before he spoke, we likely have rapists going free in the military.

This is the result of sending someone unqualified to the White House. He can learn on the job? He’s been here six years. He only has two years left. When is he going to learn how to actually do his job?

The True Face Of Police

May 28th, 2014

The Federalist has a piece on Survivor.  Read the whole thing — it’s a much different direction than this piece.  I had to pull this out, to make a different point:

This might have been the best season so far.  It featured one of the most gifted Survivor contestants I’ve ever seen play; New Jersey cop Tony Vlachos.  Tony was a virtuoso of treachery. He expertly read people’s weaknesses, (unconsciously) deployed game theory and was unafraid to dive into the dirt, both literally and morally.  He snooped, threatened, cajoled, browbeat, backstabbed, but his real gift was an ability to convincingly and shamelessly lie.

A few examples:

  • Tony swore on his badge, and lied.
  • Tony swore on his wife and newborn baby, and lied.
  • Tony swore on his dad’s grave, and lied.

This is 100% expected.  Police lie.  That is what they do.  It is their nature.  Maybe it wasn’t that way once, but it sure as hell is now.   To be trained as a cop now is to be trained as an effortless and easy liar.  They lie when the truth would suit them better, because they also think that they are smarter than you.

The next time you are listening to a cop, remember: He is probably lying.  It is more likely than not.  The courts have even explicitly told them they can lie.  It is any surprise that the courts turn a blind eye when they lie to juries as well as suspects?

For the Record

May 5th, 2014

My beard is not ironic. I can change a tire.  Changed the wife’s oil this weekend, in fact.  (Not a euphemism.)  I shave the beard down to a goatee in the summer.  The only “product” that goes in my facial hair is wax that goes on the mustache only.  And yes, I wash it with Irish Spring.

As far as I am concerned, if you have a beard and an earring, you better be a pirate.

The Everlasting Phelps

TRIGGER WARNING: This entire site will cause massive butthurt in any precious snowflake that needs a trigger warning for anything.