You know what?

I think, in retrospect, Fox was right to cancel Firefly.

That it was able to be as good as it was for an entire season with this asshat at the helm is a miracle.  Thank god it was cut down before it could get old, like Kurt Cobain.

The Persecuted Church

I don’t agree with Jeffress on theology.  I don’t go to his church and wouldn’t if it was my only option.  However, I believe in a catholic (small c) Christianity, and attacks on any Christian church are an attack on my church.

The mask is off.  The left persecution of Christianity is in the open now.

Laugh It Up, Assholes

It makes your lamentations so much more delicious now.


Remember, Trump was the candidate that the Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) wanted because they thought he would be the one that was easy to beat.

The left chose the form of its destructor.

Pepe Grins


At the Final Debate

Not many people know that when Bill went to use the bathroom after the final debate, he ended up at a urinal next to Trump.  He took a look over, and said, “ho-lee, you’ve got a giant hog there, Donald!  How did you grow that?”

Trump said, “Let me tell you, Bill, it’s the most amazing thing.  I met this old gypsy once, beautiful woman, and she told me the secret.  She told me that if I wanted a yuge, yuge knob, I needed to slap it against the bedpost three times before I go to sleep every night.  Three times.  And let me tell you, it’s the best thing I ever did, and I still do it every night.”

Bill figured that Donald was full of shit, but it wore on him all night.  He stayed up late, thinking about it.  He finally decided to go to bed, and when he did, impulse got the best of him.  He pulled it out, walked over to the bedpost, and whack whack whack.

Hillary groaned in the dark and said, “no more schlonging, Donald, I’m too tired.”

Hillary “Cares”

Hillary only cares about dead American soldiers when they are Muslim.  She doesn’t care when white Americans die in Benghazi, or even when they died in the same war she voted for as Khan.

Hillary only cares about dead black men when a cop kills them.  She doesn’t care about the white people killed by cops, and she doesn’t care about the black people killed by other black people.

Hillary only cares about gay people when they are bashed by Christians.  When they are murdered by Muslims, both here by terrorists and overseas by governments that she supports and governments that fund her charity, she doesn’t care.  When gays are beaten up and robbed by black street gangs, she doesn’t care.

Hillary only “cares” when she thinks it can get her elected.