Parenting While Black

So in Houston, this Mother was charged with child abandonment when said kids were never out of sight.

To add insult to injury, she was there conducting a job interview.  (And she got the job.)

This “stranger danger” and “precious snowflakes” shit is far, far out of hand for all races.  Those kids were never in danger.  There aren’t perverts waiting around every corner for a chance to snatch a kid away.  These kids weren’t neglected — they were just fed before they went out to play.  They weren’t even outside.

She was doing all the things that a parent should be doing, and got shit for it.  The thing is, white parents also get shit for this — but they don’t get arrested.  This mother, however, is black.

A different story says that a cop found the kids crying and alone, and took them to the mall office.  Still another says that someone called the cops because the kids were alone.  Given that all reporting sucks (and all cops lie) who knows what the truth is?  The fact remains, however, that she still should not have been arrested.

What the hell is wrong with this cop?  When I was a kid, you didn’t get dragged away and locked in the backroom if you lost your parents.  The cop helped you find your parents.  He sure as shit didn’t arrest them when he found them, white or black.

What kind of chickenshit busybody calls the cops to come get a crying child instead of going to help the child?  How callous and cowardly an asshole are you that you won’t take the time to console a crying child, but you will call 911?

Shitheels abound in this story, and they are entirely representative of the society that we have created.


But only when they are ended by a white person.

If a black man is murdered by a carload of black racists?

That don’t matter.


A Denton, TX  JP is proving that the gay mafia won’t accept tolerance. They want and are demanding a full on kowtowing.  Anything less will cause nothing but more strife, so there is no reason to give any more.


1:  to endure or resist the action of (as a drug or food) without serious side effects or discomfort; exhibit physiological tolerance for

2a :  to allow to be or to be done without prohibition, hindrance, or contradiction

b :  to put up with <learn to tolerate one another>

Note that none of that is anything like encouraging, celebrating, desiring, etc.  The very definition of tolerance is that you are willing to put up with it.  This JP is putting up with it, pure and simple.

“I went back in forth with it, and I made the decision that, for my constituents, if that is their desire — it doesn’t matter to me what a person’s sexual preference is, what their sexual orientation is. Regardless, they’re a human being and they deserve dignity and respect. If that’s the way that they want to live their life, that’s between them, their partner and either they believe in their God or not, that’s their choice,” DePiazza says.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the very definition of tolerance.  Keep it in mind, and note how often the left refuses to tolerate the right.

Katherine Franke, the director of the Public Rights/Private Conscience Project at Columbia University’s law school, says that what DePiazza is doing — specifically in making marriage seekers sign the letter — is probably unconstitutional.

“I think it’s an interesting innovation in trying to hold your nose and do your job by making everybody else hold your nose as well. It’s creative, but I don’t imagine it will stand up in court,” Franke says. “Even for a heterosexual couple that’s getting married and [DePiazza’s] not opposed to their marriage, the only way they can get married is to acknowledge that he doesn’t want to marry gay people. I could see straight people being offended.”

Franke is probably wrong.  There’s a quite a lot of inherent power in the judicial system for a judge to run his courtroom the way he sees fit.  Judges can tell you to shut up about anything they don’t want to hear, and that absolutely applies to back talk.  You don’t get to complain about the way a judge rules on an objection, you don’t get to bitch about prior rulings, and it follows that you don’t get to bitch about his policies on marriage declarations.

Judges have an inherent right to control their courtroom.  They can tell you what you can and cannot say, what you can and cannot wear, where you can and cannot sit, and so on.  Things that are absolutely protected in other places, like wearing shirts with slogans on them or carrying signs, can absolutely be prohibited by a judge within the walls of his courtroom.

Like it or not, this part will almost certainly stand.  The judges above him aren’t going to give up their right to control their courtrooms by making up some exception here that will later bite them in the ass.

Criminalizing Gay Marriage

So the gay mafia has succeeded in shoving gay marriage down the throats of America against it’s will.


Expect to see a lot of gay people being thrown in jail in states like Oklahoma real soon.  Adultery can be illegal and often is — and you can bet now that gay people are going to be getting married, gay people are going to start going to jail for it.  And statutes are often written, like in Oklahoma, so that you can be guilty of adultery even if you aren’t married — because your sex partner was.

The Real Criticism of Bobby Jindal

Treasury to put woman on $10 bill

So they want to put a woman on the $10 bill.  Fine.

Legally, the decision belongs to Jack Lew, but the Treasury secretary said he’s seeking public input on which female historical figure should appear on U.S. paper currency for the first time in 119 years.

“We’re going to spend a lot of time this summer listening to people,” Lew said. A decision could come this fall.

Please put it to a poll.  I know who I am going to choose.  I’m going to chose a woman universally lauded for her courage, a shining example of what America is.  Someone that the left loves, and that only evil people criticize.

I’m going to campaign for Caitlyn Jenner on the $10 bill, and I hope you do to.  Nothing would better fit the symbolism of this change than putting that fine woman front and center.



So Rachel Dolezal has been passing as black. There’s been a lot of hoo-haw about this and that, comparisons with transgender people, etc. I see the comparison with Bruce Jenner — if someone can simply declare that they, as a person, feel that their actual person is in direct defiance of biology, and can alter their appearance to fit the inside, then Dolezal is 1000% within that realm. But.

Passing has a long history in America. Starting from the start of America up until the end of Jim Crow, it went one direction: black people (remember, this is in the era of the one-drop rule) passing as white people.  They passed for a simple reason — institutional racism in our culture imposed terrible burdens on them, preventing them from practicing a trade or leading a normal life while in their birth race.  The people who passed didn’t have something wrong with them — it was a rational response to the irrational barriers our culture imposed on them.

Virtually no one black passes as white anymore.  Other than our justice system, institutional racism is gone.  You don’t need to be white to hold certain jobs or live in certain neighborhoods anymore.  You can get the job you want and are competent at, and you can live where you want if you are black.

Rachel Dolezal, on the other hand, was in a situation like the pre-Jim Crow black person.  There is no doubt that she has had a life-long yearning for black culture.  She did her graduate studies in African American art at Howard University, a historically black college.  And she did it as a white woman — and experienced what she felt was discrimination from that institution.  Whether that was actually it or not, she certainly felt that way.

She married a black man.  She has black adopted brothers.  She was active in the NAACP and taught college courses on African studies.  There is no doubt that she is steeped in black culture.  And, at some point, like the black Americans of yore, the pressure of institutional racism against white people in those fields convinced her to start passing.

It’s as tragic as it was before the civil rights movement.  Even thought it is undeserved, human beings still feel shame when they are forced into that.  And just like when blacks passed as whites, when whites pass as blacks, it is because of institutional racism in the culture that they participate in.  Now the institutional racism is in black academia, and it is those racist institutions that should feel that shame.