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Bush Aides Say Iraq War Needs No Hill Vote

Bush Aides Say Iraq War Needs No Hill Vote (

This is important. The president has not needed any approval to start a war since the ill-concieved War Powers act of 73. Unfortunately, it has looked for a while that the only way for people to realize what a threat this power is would be for the president to unilateraly decide to start a war that Congress didn’t want.

Here it is.

It is also worth pointing out that we haven’t actually declared a war since WW2. All these “wars” that we have been in were simply military engagements under war “powers” given to the president. When you won’t call it war, you shouldn’t be surprised when the definition of “declaration of war” starts changing.

Officer Accused Of Firing At Vandals

Yahoo! News – Officer Accused Of Firing At Vandals

Yeah baby! I don’t expect any charges to survive against this guy. The underage goblins in question were commiting criminal tresspass, after dark, as a party (legal term in Texas), and are accused by him of assault with a deadly weapon (the truck.) Even if they were trying to leave, then it is reasonable to think that these felons would escape justice if allowed to leave, another exception given under Texas Law that authorizes lethal force.

In short, according to the statute, he was within his rights to use deadly force to defend himself and his property.

Two-faced Terrorists

Two-faced Terrorists

I have to admit, the (so-called) Palestinians are pretty good at manipulation.

Raising his handcuffed hands in speaking to reporters before the hearing Wednesday, Barghouti said in Hebrew “The uprising will be victorious.”
Translation: “Expect more bombings, Jew-boy!” What do we expect to happen when this hits the Israeli TV? More support for stronger action against the terrorists.
Continuing in English, he said “I am a peaceful man. I was trying to do everything for peace between the two peoples. I believe the best solution is two states for two peoples.
Translation: “Please, Mr. Amewican, I’m just a widdle powitical pwisoner. These bad, bad Jews are opwessing me!”

End result? Israelis push harder, and the Palestinians think they will get more support against the “occupation.”

I’ll bet on this ploy working to get more sympathy from the Brits, but they are SOL if they want American support. We invented spin, buddy.

Films and TV cop it from LAPD’s censor – Films and TV cop it from LAPD’s censor

This is really disgusting. “We’re tired of being portrayed as bad guys, so instead of stopping our bad behavior, we want to use our police power to force people not to say bad things about us.”

I don’t think this will survive a constitutional challenge. I hope that it costs LA a few hundred million dollars, since that is what it understands the most. There isn’t any chance that people in LA will wise up and move away, but at least this will make it a little more painful.

This is basic stuff. The government belongs to the People. The government cannot possess property that is held appart from the People, because they own the government. Because there are no “exclusive use” issues like you have with water, or a peice of land when you are talking about intelectual property, then there is no way that the government can justify the withholding of intelectual property except as cencorship. As for cencorship, please refer to “The Constitution of the United States of America (Amendment I)”.

Some Courtroom Haiku

The muse struck me in the middle of the trial, so I filled my notes up with them. A couple were personal enough that they made me uncomfortable, so I’m not putting them here. Ha!

coffee is not life
I need the energy to live
this is not living
(Composed outside a courtroom drinking what is possibly the worst cup of coffee that I have been grateful to have in months)

the forced air lulls sleep
questions drone while the building
gives quiet justice

fidget shift wiggle
my body envies the fight
of mental combat

woolen armour of
warriors at law shrouding
the worst of the best

juror thrust into
the quibbles of petty men
honor in duty

rational bastion
emotion educated
married to reason

history lines walls
the portraits shrink as time goes
so do the judges

I am popular
everyone knows my name
no one knows me

like a pro athlete
my skills envied but not me
I am a trophy

jury charge conference
we disagree on what is
the disagreement

cold tile and cool air
soft leather squeeky tilt chair
at home in the court

gotta make water
do not think about going
relief is relief

A Funny from NEALZ NUZE

Neal Boortz is a great talk host, and his Nuze may be used for his own notes, but it is a damned good blog. I reccomend that you hit his link and listen to his show too, but this is the funny:

One of my listeners had an interesting visit from a campaign worker for Congressional Candidate David Scott. The campaign worker came to his door and talked to his wife. The Scott campaigner said ” we don’t need the white guy in there.” The wife wanted to know if the campaigner was talking about Scott’s opponent, or her husband. She’s black — her husband is white. Wouldn’t you just have loved to have been a fly on that wall?

Deadly demand from Hamas

Deadly demand from Hamas — The Washington Times

Interesting article comparing Hamas with White Supremacists and exposing the idiocy of placating Hamas.