Crowd Beats Babysitter After Seeing Hidden Video – Crowd Beats Babysitter After Seeing Hidden Video

I read this, and my first thought was, “damned savages. Let the system do its job.” Then I read on.

He took the tape to local police but did not receive immediate help. So, he then delivered it to a TV station.

This is what happens when the system breaks down. I don’t know how corupt the police are in Brazil specifically, but I know they are pretty bad in all of South America. When the people cannot trust the system to protect them, then they will begin to protect themselves. I kinda wonder if this fits in with the anti-personal arms agenda. If I knew that I was creating a situation that guaranteed a regular riot, I would make sure that the people didn’t have anything that would casue me too much trouble around too.

Also, I want to remind anyone who gets the impression that this is something that I want to see more of, this is the tyranny of the masses I watch for. There was no due process for this babysitter. And when you have a system that ignores due process, it is easier to allow the crowd to do this, and then just “fail” to punish the crowd.

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