Films and TV cop it from LAPD’s censor – Films and TV cop it from LAPD’s censor

This is really disgusting. “We’re tired of being portrayed as bad guys, so instead of stopping our bad behavior, we want to use our police power to force people not to say bad things about us.”

I don’t think this will survive a constitutional challenge. I hope that it costs LA a few hundred million dollars, since that is what it understands the most. There isn’t any chance that people in LA will wise up and move away, but at least this will make it a little more painful.

This is basic stuff. The government belongs to the People. The government cannot possess property that is held appart from the People, because they own the government. Because there are no “exclusive use” issues like you have with water, or a peice of land when you are talking about intelectual property, then there is no way that the government can justify the withholding of intelectual property except as cencorship. As for cencorship, please refer to “The Constitution of the United States of America (Amendment I)”.

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