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Yahoo! News – Fla. Judge Strikes Down Voucher Law

Yahoo! News – Fla. Judge Strikes Down Voucher Law

Am I the only one who understands what “shall make no law” means? Apparantly, the US Supreme Court is on the right track, but FL seems to need a cranial/rectal inversion. Freedom of religeon is a fundamental right. If the state wants to take dirty federal money, then they play by the federal rules.

I would like to take a good long look a the state that refuses the money and makes its own rules, but that is an entire rant by itself.

This guy really IS in deep shit.

This guy really IS in deep shit.

Saddam Taking Suicide Bombing to the Next Level?

Saddam Taking Suicide Bombing to the Next Level?

My first instinct is to dismiss this as propoganda to facilitate a strike on Iraq. However…

This would fit into the way the Arab leaders have been using the Palestinians for years. Any biological released in Israel is not going to locally contained, even if it is something that isn’t contageous past the aeresol delivery. There will be leakages into “Palestinian” territory, and even if it is contained, a lot of Arab Israelis will die from it too.

The Palestinians are disposable to the Arab leaders. The only reason that I can see Saddam doing this is that he has already shown a willingness to use chemical weapons, and because he has a big stretch of desert to insulate him from any spread (unlike Syria, Lebanon and Jorden.)

Keep one thing in mind: It is almost certain (and has been reported in too many unassociated sources) that the US and Russia have made a secret agreement that neither will jump in if the other uses nuclear weapons in retaliation for an NBC attack. One has to wonder if Israel is part of this agreement.

Darwin Always Rings Twice

BBC NEWS | Darwin Always Rings Twice

Okay, I agree that there is a tragedy here. The tragedy is that the morons will probably get their way and the pool will be drained. This is natural selection in action, ladies and gentlemen. First, the kid had been fished out of another pool a week earlier, then he runs out of the house in his swim trunks and mum and dad don’t notice that little Josh is on his way to commit a little criminal trespass?

The kid should have known how to swim. The parents should have known where he was. He should have been smart enough after nearly drowning the first time to stay away from the goddamned water.

If at first you don’t succeeed, eh Uncle Chuck?

Crowd Beats Babysitter After Seeing Hidden Video – Crowd Beats Babysitter After Seeing Hidden Video

I read this, and my first thought was, “damned savages. Let the system do its job.” Then I read on.

He took the tape to local police but did not receive immediate help. So, he then delivered it to a TV station.

This is what happens when the system breaks down. I don’t know how corupt the police are in Brazil specifically, but I know they are pretty bad in all of South America. When the people cannot trust the system to protect them, then they will begin to protect themselves. I kinda wonder if this fits in with the anti-personal arms agenda. If I knew that I was creating a situation that guaranteed a regular riot, I would make sure that the people didn’t have anything that would casue me too much trouble around too.

Also, I want to remind anyone who gets the impression that this is something that I want to see more of, this is the tyranny of the masses I watch for. There was no due process for this babysitter. And when you have a system that ignores due process, it is easier to allow the crowd to do this, and then just “fail” to punish the crowd.


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Sir Paul’s Bride is a Urinal

Sir Paul’s Bride is a Urinal

Am I the only one who laughed though this story? “Hi, I would like a job selling crousants.” “Hey, aren’t you that bird what was getting pissed on outside?” “Yessir.” “Why, hell yes, you can be my personal assistant.” (Insert Pulp Fiction music here.) And how did you like the “He’s the youngest man I ever dated”? My first thought was, “Damn… now that is a golddigger.