Saddam Taking Suicide Bombing to the Next Level?

Saddam Taking Suicide Bombing to the Next Level?

My first instinct is to dismiss this as propoganda to facilitate a strike on Iraq. However…

This would fit into the way the Arab leaders have been using the Palestinians for years. Any biological released in Israel is not going to locally contained, even if it is something that isn’t contageous past the aeresol delivery. There will be leakages into “Palestinian” territory, and even if it is contained, a lot of Arab Israelis will die from it too.

The Palestinians are disposable to the Arab leaders. The only reason that I can see Saddam doing this is that he has already shown a willingness to use chemical weapons, and because he has a big stretch of desert to insulate him from any spread (unlike Syria, Lebanon and Jorden.)

Keep one thing in mind: It is almost certain (and has been reported in too many unassociated sources) that the US and Russia have made a secret agreement that neither will jump in if the other uses nuclear weapons in retaliation for an NBC attack. One has to wonder if Israel is part of this agreement.

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