Some Courtroom Haiku

The muse struck me in the middle of the trial, so I filled my notes up with them. A couple were personal enough that they made me uncomfortable, so I’m not putting them here. Ha!

coffee is not life
I need the energy to live
this is not living
(Composed outside a courtroom drinking what is possibly the worst cup of coffee that I have been grateful to have in months)

the forced air lulls sleep
questions drone while the building
gives quiet justice

fidget shift wiggle
my body envies the fight
of mental combat

woolen armour of
warriors at law shrouding
the worst of the best

juror thrust into
the quibbles of petty men
honor in duty

rational bastion
emotion educated
married to reason

history lines walls
the portraits shrink as time goes
so do the judges

I am popular
everyone knows my name
no one knows me

like a pro athlete
my skills envied but not me
I am a trophy

jury charge conference
we disagree on what is
the disagreement

cold tile and cool air
soft leather squeeky tilt chair
at home in the court

gotta make water
do not think about going
relief is relief

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