Two-faced Terrorists

Two-faced Terrorists

I have to admit, the (so-called) Palestinians are pretty good at manipulation.

Raising his handcuffed hands in speaking to reporters before the hearing Wednesday, Barghouti said in Hebrew “The uprising will be victorious.”
Translation: “Expect more bombings, Jew-boy!” What do we expect to happen when this hits the Israeli TV? More support for stronger action against the terrorists.
Continuing in English, he said “I am a peaceful man. I was trying to do everything for peace between the two peoples. I believe the best solution is two states for two peoples.
Translation: “Please, Mr. Amewican, I’m just a widdle powitical pwisoner. These bad, bad Jews are opwessing me!”

End result? Israelis push harder, and the Palestinians think they will get more support against the “occupation.”

I’ll bet on this ploy working to get more sympathy from the Brits, but they are SOL if they want American support. We invented spin, buddy.

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