An MBTI Type Analysis of the Cowboy Bebop Crew

An MBTI Type Analysis of the Cowboy Bebop Crew

Okay, so maybe no one but me cares. I’ve turned into a huge Cowboy Bebop fan (linked above for all of you who aren’t hip), and one of the things that I like about it is how internally consistant and developed the characters are. I was pretty sure that Spike was an ISTP, and I started looking at the relationship between him and Faye, and from that I started typing all of the characters as best I could. (Except for Vicious. I always assume that any really good villian is an INTJ like me, so someone else will have to tackle that one.)

Anyway, once I started, this is what I came up with:

  • Jet: ISTJ
  • Faye: ENFP
  • Spike: ISTP
  • Ed: ENTP
I find the Socionics type relationships to be more consistant and accurate than the Kiersey interpretation, so a lot of this is based on that. Cavaet Emptor. As I said earlier, Spike was easy to type based on his tendancies and the type portrait, and I had long ago typed Ed based on the idea only an ENTP could be as brilliant with the net and still be that bizzare.

I had to type Faye backwards — I started with the duality relationship between her and Spike, and then verified it by taking her traumatic amnesia into account in the reading of the portrait. The clincher that convinced me was the behavior she showed in the Betamax tape in Session 18. Also, the way she shadowed into an ISTJ in Real Folk Blues (while Jet was busy shadowing into an ENFP, amusingly enough) helped confirm this one.

Jet wasn’t quite as hard to type. I typed him based on the portrait of the type (starting with the assumption that he was a Guardian from his former detective job) and the portrait seemed to fit him very well. That’s about all I have right now, but if I get a good response, I might start my own “MBTI in Cowboy Bebop” fan page…

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