Arab View: Extension of terrorism by other means

Arab View: Extension of terrorism by other means

This guy is either really stupid, or a flat liar.

Let’s go down the list:

Hasn’t the US proven itself to be a terrorist country by resorting to methods of terrorizing peace-loving people in various parts of the world?

No, it hasn’t. The US doesn’t orchestrate its attacks to maximize civilian casualties, as Muslim terrorists have done in New York and Israel.

Isn’t its endorsement of Israel’s use of advanced weapons to strike civilian targets in Palestine yet another example of sponsoring terror? Isn’t the US’ justification of Israel’s bombing of civilian centers as Israel’s right of self-defense just another form of terror?

No, it isn’t. Israel has not been reported in any major news source as attacking “civilian” targets. It attacks terrorists who hide among civilians. The most egregious part of this lie is that the Palestinian terrorist’s definition of an Israeli civilian doesn’t exist.

Why does the US call the Israeli suppression of the Palestinians a war? It is rather a mighty army attacking unarmed people. The Palestinians have no army but a group of boys and youths armed mostly with stones.

And sniper rifles. And high explosive suicide bombs. Soviet RPGs. AK-47s. Mortars. Syrian missiles. Another lie.

On the contrary, the supporters of a people resisting a mighty occupation army and fighting for their freedom are called terrorist gangs! The support by Muslim charitable organizations for the hungry, sick and destitute Palestinians is viewed as supporting international terrorism!

Yeah, pretty much. When you decide to spend the money that people give you on bombs for blowing up Jewish children and bribes to families of suicide murderers, that is called “supporting terrorism.” If you had a charity that was dedicated to buying guns for bank robbers and paid thousands of dollars to the families of bank robbers who were arrested, wouldn’t you say that the charity supported bank robbery?

The US will declare war on these countries if they do not obey its dictates. Is there any worse terrorism than this US behavior?

Well, your own “Arab News” has a nice long section on the attacks on NY and DC on September 11, 2001. You should take a look, asshole.

The US keeps the UN under its thumb. The latest evidence is the UN’s refusal to admit that there was an Israeli-perpetrated massacre in Jenin. Instead, the international organization holds both Israelis and Palestinians equally responsible for the deaths and destruction in the camp.

Actually, the UN found that the deaths didn’t occur. It is hard to hold two groups “equally responsible” for something that never happened in the first place.

Is not the implied or open US intimidation of a country, which refuses to support an attack against Iraq without a convincing reason, another form of terror?

No, it is called diplomacy. Does writing columns full of lies intended to intimidate a country into changing its opinion make one a terrorist? No, it makes one an asshole. Asshole.

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