Car bomb blast kills German in Riyadh

ArabNews: Car bomb blast kills German in RiyadhThis is a continuation of a trend in Saudi Arabia. I’m on the fence; I really don’t have a feel for whether or not this is terrorism or gangland warfare. I can certainly buy the alcohol smuggling angle — prohibition in any form breeds violence.

On the other hand, I haven’t heard any stories about any non-Westerners being targetted in these bombings. I think that I am starting to lean towards terrorism. Before Bin Laden, you could count on terrorists to claim their strikes. Al Quiada started a new trend of not claiming attacks, but simply couching them to achieve the goal. One of Bin Landen’s professed goals is to remove non-Muslims from his Holy land of Saudi Arabia. This attack swayed me to believe that this is a continuation of that philosophy, if not under his direction (and probably not, since he is probably dead.)

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