Earth’s magnetic field ‘boosts gravity’

New Scientist: Earth’s magnetic field ‘boosts gravity’

This story is interesting to me, because from my “well informed lay-person’s” understanding of gravity and EM, I had always been told that only mass effected gravity, not any kind of EM. This seems like a big deal to me, and I think it is a sad state of affairs that this isn’t being shouted from the rooftops.

My question, and I’m assuming that there will be experiments to test is, is, “does EM only boost gravity, meaning that there is a minimum shelf, or is there some kind of give and take relationship, meaning that if the right kind of magnetic field is applied, can gravity be lessened?” I think this could tie in nicely with the rumors of the superconducting “shield” that has been talked about and that NASA and Lockheed are trying to make prototypes of. We already know that there are some pretty unique magnetic properties of superconductors; it might be time for me to find out who produces the rare-earth minerals they use to make them and buy some stock.

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