Lebanese Guerrillas Plan to Thwart US Attack on Iraq

FOXNews.com: Israel – Lebanese Guerrillas Plan to Thwart US Attack on Iraq

Iran has been supplying Lebanese guerrillas with thousands of missiles for an attack on Israel that would apparently be timed to disrupt a possible U.S. strike on Iraq, a senior Israeli official said Friday.

If this is true, I don’t see how it can be anything but disasterous for the Arab world. Once the attack on Iraq begins, it won’t be “thwarted”. The entire idea that we would say, “whoops, I guess we better stop” is insanely naive.

What I think could happen is that we would not be in a position to stop Israel if something was timed like that. In the last Gulf war, when Iraq attacked Israel, the only reason we were able to keep the Israelis out is because we leaned hard on then diplomaticly and had the Patriot Missile as a placebo. This time, we are in war while Israel is attacked from the north. We make loud noises about putting up with it (just like we put up with the WTC attack, right?) while Israel invades Lebanon, dominos into Syria, and waits for Jorden to say peep so they have an excuse to take them out too.

God help the Middle East if the attack actually turns and threatens Israel as a whole. I hope our boys over there are current on thier radiation pills.

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