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Venus could be a haven for life

ABC Sci-Tech: Venus could be a haven for life

Informative. This stuff tends to get lost in the shuffle.

Arafat to Gaza rally: We’ll liberate Jerusalem

Jerusalem Post: Arafat to Gaza rally: We’ll liberate Jerusalem

Yassir Arafat won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1994.

Does anyone still believe that this is a man of peace? Everything he is saying that they will achieve in the uprising is what he was promised in Olso and turned down. Of course, they Palestinian people know what he is really saying.

Naked boater faces charges

Yahoo! News – Naked boater faces charges

Was the boat that he pooped on his private property? And did he do his pooping on the poop deck?

Lebanese Guerrillas Plan to Thwart US Attack on Iraq Israel – Lebanese Guerrillas Plan to Thwart US Attack on Iraq

Iran has been supplying Lebanese guerrillas with thousands of missiles for an attack on Israel that would apparently be timed to disrupt a possible U.S. strike on Iraq, a senior Israeli official said Friday.

If this is true, I don’t see how it can be anything but disasterous for the Arab world. Once the attack on Iraq begins, it won’t be “thwarted”. The entire idea that we would say, “whoops, I guess we better stop” is insanely naive.

What I think could happen is that we would not be in a position to stop Israel if something was timed like that. In the last Gulf war, when Iraq attacked Israel, the only reason we were able to keep the Israelis out is because we leaned hard on then diplomaticly and had the Patriot Missile as a placebo. This time, we are in war while Israel is attacked from the north. We make loud noises about putting up with it (just like we put up with the WTC attack, right?) while Israel invades Lebanon, dominos into Syria, and waits for Jorden to say peep so they have an excuse to take them out too.

God help the Middle East if the attack actually turns and threatens Israel as a whole. I hope our boys over there are current on thier radiation pills.

An MBTI Type Analysis of the Cowboy Bebop Crew

An MBTI Type Analysis of the Cowboy Bebop Crew

Okay, so maybe no one but me cares. I’ve turned into a huge Cowboy Bebop fan (linked above for all of you who aren’t hip), and one of the things that I like about it is how internally consistant and developed the characters are. I was pretty sure that Spike was an ISTP, and I started looking at the relationship between him and Faye, and from that I started typing all of the characters as best I could. (Except for Vicious. I always assume that any really good villian is an INTJ like me, so someone else will have to tackle that one.)

Anyway, once I started, this is what I came up with:

  • Jet: ISTJ
  • Faye: ENFP
  • Spike: ISTP
  • Ed: ENTP
I find the Socionics type relationships to be more consistant and accurate than the Kiersey interpretation, so a lot of this is based on that. Cavaet Emptor. As I said earlier, Spike was easy to type based on his tendancies and the type portrait, and I had long ago typed Ed based on the idea only an ENTP could be as brilliant with the net and still be that bizzare.

I had to type Faye backwards — I started with the duality relationship between her and Spike, and then verified it by taking her traumatic amnesia into account in the reading of the portrait. The clincher that convinced me was the behavior she showed in the Betamax tape in Session 18. Also, the way she shadowed into an ISTJ in Real Folk Blues (while Jet was busy shadowing into an ENFP, amusingly enough) helped confirm this one.

Jet wasn’t quite as hard to type. I typed him based on the portrait of the type (starting with the assumption that he was a Guardian from his former detective job) and the portrait seemed to fit him very well. That’s about all I have right now, but if I get a good response, I might start my own “MBTI in Cowboy Bebop” fan page…

Truth hurts for potential juror

Grand Rapids Press: Truth hurts for potential juror

The story is this: A woman is on a panel for a jury trial. She is asked if she can be impartial to the testimony of police officers. She says, “no.” The judge then tells her, “Well, you can change your mind or I’m sentincing you to community service.”

This is really stupid. Working on trial teams in litigation, I’ve seen a lot of juries picked. We want the jurors to answer, and we want the truth. The only message this judge is sending is, “give me the answer I want or get punished.” I’ll tell you a little secret from the litigation side — if you aren’t giving us the answer we want, we still want the answer! We want the answer so we can make sure that you aren’t on the jury!

The judge in this case is complaining that it is too hard to pick juries. Cue Chris Farley as Matt Foley: Well LA DE FRICKIN DA! We are talking about trials. These are big deals dickhead! There are real people on both sides of these deals. They deserve a fair trial. It takes you three panels to get a jury seated? Tough titty. That’s your job, judgey. If the attorneys want to keep blowing jury panels until they get one they can agree on, that’s thier right. Life sucks — get a helmet.

Earth’s magnetic field ‘boosts gravity’

New Scientist: Earth’s magnetic field ‘boosts gravity’

This story is interesting to me, because from my “well informed lay-person’s” understanding of gravity and EM, I had always been told that only mass effected gravity, not any kind of EM. This seems like a big deal to me, and I think it is a sad state of affairs that this isn’t being shouted from the rooftops.

My question, and I’m assuming that there will be experiments to test is, is, “does EM only boost gravity, meaning that there is a minimum shelf, or is there some kind of give and take relationship, meaning that if the right kind of magnetic field is applied, can gravity be lessened?” I think this could tie in nicely with the rumors of the superconducting “shield” that has been talked about and that NASA and Lockheed are trying to make prototypes of. We already know that there are some pretty unique magnetic properties of superconductors; it might be time for me to find out who produces the rare-earth minerals they use to make them and buy some stock.