Truth hurts for potential juror

Grand Rapids Press: Truth hurts for potential juror

The story is this: A woman is on a panel for a jury trial. She is asked if she can be impartial to the testimony of police officers. She says, “no.” The judge then tells her, “Well, you can change your mind or I’m sentincing you to community service.”

This is really stupid. Working on trial teams in litigation, I’ve seen a lot of juries picked. We want the jurors to answer, and we want the truth. The only message this judge is sending is, “give me the answer I want or get punished.” I’ll tell you a little secret from the litigation side — if you aren’t giving us the answer we want, we still want the answer! We want the answer so we can make sure that you aren’t on the jury!

The judge in this case is complaining that it is too hard to pick juries. Cue Chris Farley as Matt Foley: Well LA DE FRICKIN DA! We are talking about trials. These are big deals dickhead! There are real people on both sides of these deals. They deserve a fair trial. It takes you three panels to get a jury seated? Tough titty. That’s your job, judgey. If the attorneys want to keep blowing jury panels until they get one they can agree on, that’s thier right. Life sucks — get a helmet.

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