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John Allen Muhammad: Hating America

WorldNetDaily: John Allen Muhammad: Hating America

Larry Elder is one of the better thinkers in America right now, and happens to be black. Unfortunately, you have to be born with the right skin color to criticise certain protected groups in front of the general public.

Of course, as he points out in the column, even that exception is disappearing. Political Corectness is starting to impose the same kind of totalitarianism of thought in America that Islamic states currently enjoy.

The New News Hour Game

A while ago, one of the more insightful Chris Rock routines (and they are all pretty insightful) was when he talked about the different ways white and black people watched the news.

When white people watched the news, they would always wait to see the film of the criminal being walked out for the cameras, saying, “Betcha it’s a black buy, bet it’s a black guy, betcha betcha SEE! I told you it was a black guy!” The black guy watches the news and says to himself, “God, I hope it isn’t a black guy — I want to go to work in peace tommorow.”

Well, now, it isn’t the film that people wait for. They wait for the news that gives the criminal’s name, and they are betting on whether or not his name contains a “Mohammed”, an “Al” or maybe a “Bin”.

The point of this one, though, isn’t this phenonmenon — it is the denial of the major media outlined in this National Post article. The news is afraid to simply tell people many knew and were betting on all along. (Mostly white people, but hey, that’s how the game works.)

More Arab Half-truths

I don’t know that this will ever get old for me. I am actually entertained by going to an Arab paper, reading a story about Israel, and then saying, “I bet there is more to this” and then finding it in an Israeli or Western paper.

Try the one for today. In an story (3 Israeli soldiers killed in attack on settlement) they add this blurb:

In Jenin, 15-year-old Palestinian Ahmed Abu Ghali was killed when an Israeli sniper shot him in the head after he stepped outside his house. The latest deaths bring the toll of two years of the Palestinian uprising to 2,622 people killed as a direct result of the violence, including 1,940 Palestinians.

Those damned Jews! Shooting teenagers in the head! I bet they wanted to put his blood in some pastries or a pizza or something!

Oh, wait, take a look at the same story in the Jerusalem Post:

In Jenin, Fuad Abu Ghali, 15, was shot and killed by soldiers and two other Palestinians wounded. According to security officials, Abu Ghali was armed.

In one story, we have a murderous sniper lying in wait to shoot Arab teenagers in the head. In another, we have an Arab teenager out after curfew with a rifle. I think the second view is a little more credible.

Will this politician stay bought?

With the Atlanta Journal reporting that a Senate moderate may quit the GOP, I decided to take a jaunt over the to see what his campaign finance reports say. It is interesting.

Mr. Lincoln Chafee was elected in the 2000 election season. In his 2000 reports we can see the kind of distribution that you would expect for a Republican — he gets the bulk of his PAC money from Finance and Insurance ($136,129) with only a smidge coming from Labor unions ($1,125).

But this is 2002, you say? Well, let’s look at his 2002 reports. Hmm. No reporting from finance — someone isn’t paying thier bills. But what is this? $36,850 from Labor? There must be some reason for that 3,275% increase in campaign contributions in a a non-election year. I guess it is never too late to buy a politico.

Lies, damned lies and statistics

I love the way environmentalists like to spin things. Take a look at the first and last paragraphs of this CNN story on a study that claims People use 83 percent of land surface:

Humans take up 83 percent of the Earth’s land surface to live on, farm, mine or fish, leaving just a few areas pristine for wildlife, according to a new report this week.

Antarctica and a few Arctic land patches were not included in the study because of the lack of data and near absence of human influences, said Malanding Jaiteh, senior staff associate at CIESIN.

What kind of statistic is that?!? Humans use 83% of the land that they use? This is supposed to be a shocking statistic?

Communist Hypocrisy

With the “revalation” that The Pentagon gassed American soldiers and civilians in 1960s tests, the Communists seem to think that they have discovered hypocrisy. Well, I think they have, but only thier own.

Saddam Hussain intentionally killed hundreds of his own people in an attack with poison gas. The US tested delivery methods by using carefully measured less-than-lethal doses, mostly to military personel. There is supposed to be some kind of moral equivilence here?

The true revalation here is that there is no difference to a communist between testing a device on your people because it is convenient or murdering a few hundred of your own civilians because it is convenient.

Protect Stupid People From Themselves

With the announcement that the FDA Battles Unapproved Contact Lenses have begun, we have another instance of an unconstitutional federal agency wielding unconstitutional force to protect people from themselves. This is mission creep at its worst. Even the FDA itself agrees that it has no mandate to pursue this police power, but decided to do it anyway — for our own good.

Do we really need to protect people who are too stupid to know not to put things on thier eyes without asking a doctor first?