Another Recap of the Evidence Against Iraq

In an interview with Laurie Mylroie, she details some of the evidence that Iraq has had an active part in terrorism against the US, including the original attack on the World Trade Center:

The key evidence revolves around the identity of the bomb’s mastermind, Ramzi Yousef. He entered the United States as Ramzi Yousef, Iraqi citizen, but left as Abdul Basit Karim, Pakistani national. In fact, both names are aliases.

We know that Abdul Basit Karim is a real person. We know that he was born and raised in Kuwait, studied in Britain, and then returned to Kuwait. He was in Kuwait when Iraq invaded, and he probably died then. As a permanent resident of Kuwait, his records were on file at the Ministry of the Interior in Kuwait City. We also know that his file was tampered with.

* What was done to the file, and why is that significant?

There are things that should be in the file but aren’t. For example, copies of the front pages of Abdul Basit Karim’s passport, with his picture and signature, should be there. But they were removed.

There are also things in the file that shouldn’t be there. For example, a notation that Abdul Basit Karim and his family left Kuwait on August 26, 1990, traveled from Kuwait to Iraq, and crossed into Iran on their way to Pakistani Baluchistan, where they live now–that information shouldn’t be in a Kuwaiti file. There wasn’t a Kuwaiti government in August 1990. Iraq was occupying the country. Moreover, that’s not the kind of information you give authorities when you travel. You tell them where you came from and where you’re going. You don’t give them your whole itinerary.

But the clincher is that the fingerprint cards in Abdul Basit Karim’s file have Ramzi Yousef’s fingerprints. Yet Yousef is definitely not the same person as Karim. Yousef is tall, and Karim was of medium height. That can only mean that someone took Abdul Basit Karim’s fingerprint card out of the file and substituted a card with Yousef’s prints on it. The only reason for doing that and making other changes was to create a false identity for Yousef. And the only party that reasonably could have done so is Iraq, while it occupied Kuwait.

Much of the same sort of pattern emerges when investigating the Oklahoma City bombing and the downing of Flight 800. The government of the United States decided — in the Clinton Administration, for what that is worth — that if at all possible, a domestic or accidental explaination will be given for any act of terrorism inside the United States.

“Once you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.” — Sherlock Holmes

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