Apple stands firm against entertainment cartel

Mercury News | 10/01/2002 | Dan Gillmor: Apple stands firm against entertainment cartel

Nifty article about Apple’s resistance to Digital Restrictions Management. Steve Jobs (you know, CEO of Pixar along with Apple) knows that DRM is a bunch of crap, and he knows that this could be the boom that Apple needs.

Imagine this furture: trusted computing and DRM is totally embraced by Intel and AMD. You can’t buy a computer that doesn’t run a “trusted” OS — that means no self-compiled linux kernels, no hacked Windoze, nothing. You can run Win-whatever, or you can run a precompiled linux (approved by Intel) or you can go to hell.

Or you can go to Apple. You can run OS X (with BSD Darwin underpinnings.) You can install any number of linux distros on it (Yellow Dog comes to mind.) You can roll your own linux kenrel. You can roll your own Darwin kernel and run OS X on it if you are slick. And you can continue to “Rip, Mix and Burn.”

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