Israeli Tank Shells Kill Six Palestinians in Camp

Reuters | Israeli Tank Shells Kill Six Palestinians in Camp

“It must be noted that Rafah is a major center of hostile activity and arms smuggling, where terrorists operate from behind the cover of a civilian population,” the army said.

“Palestinian terrorists fired an anti-tank rocket at an army unit that operated in the area and troops returned fire, targeting the attackers,” it said in a statement.

The Palestinian Authority denounced what it called “the massacre” in Rafah and renewed its call for international monitors in the West Bank and Gaza. Israel has resisted any foreign intervention, calling its military measures against militants an appropriate response.

I just want to know why when six Palestinians get killed because a tank shoots back at a rocket launcher, it is a massacre, but if a nut blows himself up in the middle of a wedding reception and kills 20 civilians who are just breaking glasses and eating cake, it is a sucessful military operation.

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