More Arab Half-truths

I don’t know that this will ever get old for me. I am actually entertained by going to an Arab paper, reading a story about Israel, and then saying, “I bet there is more to this” and then finding it in an Israeli or Western paper.

Try the one for today. In an story (3 Israeli soldiers killed in attack on settlement) they add this blurb:

In Jenin, 15-year-old Palestinian Ahmed Abu Ghali was killed when an Israeli sniper shot him in the head after he stepped outside his house. The latest deaths bring the toll of two years of the Palestinian uprising to 2,622 people killed as a direct result of the violence, including 1,940 Palestinians.

Those damned Jews! Shooting teenagers in the head! I bet they wanted to put his blood in some pastries or a pizza or something!

Oh, wait, take a look at the same story in the Jerusalem Post:

In Jenin, Fuad Abu Ghali, 15, was shot and killed by soldiers and two other Palestinians wounded. According to security officials, Abu Ghali was armed.

In one story, we have a murderous sniper lying in wait to shoot Arab teenagers in the head. In another, we have an Arab teenager out after curfew with a rifle. I think the second view is a little more credible.

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