No Truth Means No Freedom

I continue to be astonished by what passes for journalism in the Arab world. A striking dichotomy is evident in comparing the Saudi and Israeli accounts of the latest battle in Gaza. An ArabNews article has the following to say on the battle:

Palestinian hospital officials said all the dead were civilians, including 10 people killed by a missile fired from a helicopter into a crowd that had gathered near a mosque.

It was the highest civilian death toll in Gaza since July 23 when a bomb dropped by an Israeli plane killed 13 civilians as well as a Hamas military commander.

Let’s see what the Israeli press has to say in the Jeruselem Post Article:

Defense Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer said that all but one of the 14 Palestinians killed in an assault on a Hamas stronghold in the Gaza Strip were armed.

“They were all terrorists with long resumes,” he said during a visit to Eilat, “except for one innocent elderly woman.”

As the soldiers made their way out of Khan Yunis, armed men outside the Katiba Mosque fired anti-tank rockets, rocket-propelled grenades, RPGs and threw grenades.

An attack helicopter fired at least one missile in support of the ground troops, causing the vast majority of the casualties.

Gaza commander Brig.-Gen. Yisrael Ziv strongly denied Palestinian accusations that the soldiers fired on worshipers at the mosque.

Ziv said the mosque was “a fair distance” from the firefight, and regarding the target of the missile strike added: “Without a doubt, we are speaking about armed people… they were definitely armed.”

He said preliminary investigations show the soldiers responded according to regulations and with restraint, adding he is confident that film from a remote-operated drone will support his statements.

Don’t forget the most important part:

Shortly after the operation, Palestinians fired three mortar shells at a settlement in Gush Katif.

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