Russia to start coup in Iraq?

WorldNetDaily: Russia to start coup in Iraq?

This is a pretty interesting article, especially in contrast to the “Bush is just after money from Big Oil but everyone else is acting from altuism” crowd.

Russia and France have major oil interests in Iraq; guess who is the big opposition on the UN Security Counsel. Norway is the third largest oil producer in the world and would be dinged if the price of oil dropped in a major way; the Norwegian Nobel Proze committee gives Carter the Peace Prize (putting him in league with Yassir Arafat) to rebuke Bush’s attempts to invade Iraq. Coincidences? No more than the coincidence of Bush having worked in the Oil Patch in West Texas (like nearly everyone in West Texas.)

No one in this political fight has clean hands — not Iraq, not Russia, not France, not Norway, and not the US.

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