The Moral Majority in the sewer

ArabNews: The Moral Majority in the sewer

I am coming to love Arab News more than the National Enquirer, even though I hold them both to about the same degree of journalistic integrity. This little column is a doozy.

Not that there ought to be a law against monomaniacs who publicly verbalize incendiary views about another people’s faith, or jejune ideas about the One Absolute Truth. After all, McCarthyism is no longer on the books, and one’s constitutional right to free speech, enshrined in the First Amendment, remains sacrosanct in contemporary American life.

True ‘dat. If they had a law like that in Saudi Arabia, they wouldn’t have any clerics left.

Like those people not too long ago who, before political correctness overtook them, used to speak of the “civilized world,” implying the existence of an uncivilized one out there, members of the Moral Majority self-righteously believe that all other mortals, who do not espouse their views, are by definition immoral.

True ‘dat. I mean, imagine what the world would be like if states like Saudi Arabia taught that the world was divided into Muslims and unbelievers, and that they unbelievers were seconds class citizens? I mean, if they taught that people were immoral just for not believing in “the Prophet” they might start doing really crazy shit like crashing jet liners into buildings!

A society is made up of words, and hateful words contribute to the coarsening of culture and crudeness in social discourse, both of which in turn conduce to violence.


Not since the Inquisitorial tribunals of the 13th century, set up to discover, repress and punish heresy, and the time of the Puritan bullies in the 16th, who insisted on a “pure” interpretation of the Bible (hence their name, which was given them in derision) has a Christian movement debased, cheapened and, above all, so mockingly and intolerantly misinterpreted the Christian faith.

Two words: Wahabi Islam.

You wonder, though, why this much-touted system of government, that they are anxious to export to us or thrust down our throats, a system seemingly imbued with great reserves of compassion, fairness and equality, never once acted, in the 19th century, as an impediment to bestial oppression of people of color or, in the first half of the 20th, to concentration camps and wanton slaughter.

You have to wonder, though, what this has to do with the price of beans, since the Arab system was to actually offer material support to the regimes that ran the concentration camps and wanton slaughter in the 20th century and continues the bestial opression of the people of the book to this day.

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