The New News Hour Game

A while ago, one of the more insightful Chris Rock routines (and they are all pretty insightful) was when he talked about the different ways white and black people watched the news.

When white people watched the news, they would always wait to see the film of the criminal being walked out for the cameras, saying, “Betcha it’s a black buy, bet it’s a black guy, betcha betcha SEE! I told you it was a black guy!” The black guy watches the news and says to himself, “God, I hope it isn’t a black guy — I want to go to work in peace tommorow.”

Well, now, it isn’t the film that people wait for. They wait for the news that gives the criminal’s name, and they are betting on whether or not his name contains a “Mohammed”, an “Al” or maybe a “Bin”.

The point of this one, though, isn’t this phenonmenon — it is the denial of the major media outlined in this National Post article. The news is afraid to simply tell people many knew and were betting on all along. (Mostly white people, but hey, that’s how the game works.)

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