Too bad, Mrs. Toogood, we’re taking your kids

WorldNetDaily: Too bad, Mrs. Toogood, we’re taking your kids

The idea of the state deciding who can and can’t keep children has bothered me for a while. Any authoritarian state must control the children to control the future. The methods are obvious in places like Cuba and other communist countries, where the children are herded into camps and indoctrinated into the state. But what about America?

We have “mandatory attendance” of school. You must send your children to a government school. Well, not quite. You can send them to a government approved private school. The only problem with the indocrination plan is that you can home school a child. Well, California is trying to sew up that loophole, and if they do, other states will follow.

So what happens in this government school? Children are taught first to give an oath of obedience to the symbol of the state (called the Pledge of Allegance.) Then they are slowly indoctrinated into the socialism of “helping those less fortunate” (by having thier supplies taken from them and distributed to the class) and “environmentalism” (your property isn’t yours to do what you want with it if the majority doesn’t like what you are doing) and the falacious idea that America is a democracy (it is a Constitutional Republic — if you don’t know the difference, look it up.)

All the while, these children are being taught that the state/school is the ulimate authority, even over thier parents. You can’t bring your medication to school unless the principal gives you permission, no matter what Mommy says. You can’t take a day away from school, no matter what Mommy says. If Mommy tells you one thing and your teacher tells you another, then Mommy is wrong and you will get in trouble if you don’t agree that this is right and proper.

Mommy can’t spank you because the state/school protects you from her. She can’t punish you because the state/school protects you. It isn’t just your duty to tattle to the state/school if Mommy hits you, but also if someone else’s Mommy hits them. The state/school must be obeyed, and if it isn’t, then Mommy will go away and you won’t be able to see her again.

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