True Genocide

In Iraq’s last Jews wait in fear for war we see the true face of genocide. There are no calls for a “Right of Return” for these people. There were no sappy stories on CNN when these people were run off or killed. You don’t see the Israeli government claiming Iraq as a the “rightful homeland” of the Jewish people, even though there is more support for it in thier holy books (given the original grant of Israel to Abraham) than there is in the Quran for Jerusalem as an Islamic holy site (given that it is never even referred to by name.)

I don’t think you will find many Christians today who will deny that the Crusades and the Inquisition were evil acts in the name of Christ, or that the majority of Christianity supported them at the time. Islam is in that stage now, and no Muslim seems to be willing to stand up and do anything about it.

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  1. Deborah Sims says:

    Was searching for Phelps that might have been, or are Jewish. I believe my Grandmother was Jewish, and my Grandfather told me he was. They were both Phelps.

    Deborah Sims