US Ambassador’s statement to Egyptian Press

MEMRI: US Ambassador’s statement to Egyptian Press

This one was interesting to me. It is hard for me to tell from translations halfway around the world what kind of foothold conspiracy nuts have in Egypt, but it seems like they are at least a step ahead of the nuts here. From this translation, it doesn’t seem like the Ambassador was being intentionally inflamatory.

I was glad to see that there IS a debate going on in Egypt, but unfortunately, I’m not educated enough on Egyptian culture to know how credible the defenders are. One thing that did strike me as interesting is how a call for restraint is equated with censorship. At first, I considered it a blatent straw man attack, but as I read, I began to remember radicals in America (socialist and libertarian) using the same tactics. It isn’t hard to keep this straight: You have the right to say what you want, and I have the right to call you a stupid idiot for saying it. That is how freedom of speach works.

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