Will this politician stay bought?

With the Atlanta Journal reporting that a Senate moderate may quit the GOP, I decided to take a jaunt over the OpenSecrets.org to see what his campaign finance reports say. It is interesting.

Mr. Lincoln Chafee was elected in the 2000 election season. In his 2000 reports we can see the kind of distribution that you would expect for a Republican — he gets the bulk of his PAC money from Finance and Insurance ($136,129) with only a smidge coming from Labor unions ($1,125).

But this is 2002, you say? Well, let’s look at his 2002 reports. Hmm. No reporting from finance — someone isn’t paying thier bills. But what is this? $36,850 from Labor? There must be some reason for that 3,275% increase in campaign contributions in a a non-election year. I guess it is never too late to buy a politico.

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