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FBI: Muslim Groups In U.S. May Be Developing Nuclear Families

The Onion | FBI: Muslim Groups In U.S. May Be Developing Nuclear Families


The Reform Islam Needs

The Reform Islam Needs

This is an issue that I have strugled with. For a long time, my intution has been telling me — against much resistance — that Islam is not compatible with freedom. I have been able to come up with no way for freedom and religeon to coincide without some form of “giving unto Caesar what is Caesar’s”

This article expounds on that idea much better than I have been able to, and has helped me add form to some of my more nebulous opinions. Well worth the length.

The Cream of the Crop

In a recent column by the ArabNews, Jaser Al-Jaser reminds his countrymen that Not all Americans are the same. In particular, he notes:

Just recently 10,000 American academics and other intellectuals addressed a letter to President George Bush urging him not to wage war against Iraq. These groups represent the cream of the American intelligentsia and such action is bound to influence others.

One can only assume that he is referring to the Not In Our Name Petition. I guess that means that he doesn’t follow the OpinionJournal Best of the Web column, or he would have noted such intelligentsia signatories as “Ima Yousfel Edeeaht”, “Yubin Yerkinov”, and “Iam An Ediot.”

Peggy Noonan