Christmas Thoughts

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I was listening to the radio this morning, and it made me appreciate working around litigators, because as I have said before, there isn’t room for a lot of bullshitting in the personalities of litigators. The subject on the radio was the gradual banning of any mention of “Christmas” in public schools in America. It has gone far enough in some places that they have even put a prohibition on “Holiday” as it is derived from “Holy Day” and they are down to “Season’s Greetings”.

I work across from a Buhddist. There are several Jews on my floor. (No Muslims on my floor. We have some in the firm, but I rarely pass them in the hall. Sorry, Mexi.) Several atheists. All of them, at some point or another this month, have wished me a Merry Christmas. This doesn’t seem to have damaged their psyche or faith. I’ll say “Happy Haunakah” to a Jew. (If I can remember when it starts.) I’ll say “Happy Ramadan” to a Muslim. Not for a whole month; you guys need to think of some shorter holidays, but I’ll catch the start and stop. You aren’t validating any beliefs when you say something like that; you are just wishing someone well in an activity that is important to them.

From a legal standpoint, I’m not sure that this assault on Christmas is the wrong thing legally or morally in public schools. This issue is one of the very reasons that I support the separation of school and state. No one who doesn’t celebrate Christmas should have to pay for it’s celebration. On the other hand, no Christian or Muslim or Jewish child should have to think that his religion is something that he has to hide, like it is dirty. This wasn’t a problem until the last 100 years, when we decided it was the job of the state to educate the children. Give that job back to the church, whatever church that might be.

I’m at work today, and as I was driving in early (and I’m not a morning person) I was trying to figure out why I decided to do so. I realized that it is because I actually enjoy coming to work. I have a lot of relatives coming in to visit my parents over the holidays, and while I love my kin, I can’t take them in large doses. They are all Kentucky hillbillies, and they are possibly some of the loudest people in creation. And that is by Texas standards. (Matt, think Northern gits only not as sophisticated.)

I spent too much money this year, and I didn’t buy gifts for enough different people. They will just have to get over it. I bought for the people who matter to me. I actually considered buying a fruit-cake and cutting it up and mailing to different people on the list, but I figured that there are several nuts on this list that I wouldn’t give my address to, so I’m not going to ask you for yours. I’ll eat the fruit-cake myself. (Bought two Colin Street Bakery fruitcakes from Corsicana. They are the only real fruitcakes in the world. Sent one to kin in Oklahoma, and I’m eating the other myself.

I know that I’m in the Christmas spirit, because I had a chance to run down a pigeon in the parking lot half an hour ago, and I actually tapped the brake to let him live. Merry fucking Christmas. I think I’m going to sneak some whiskey into that den of Baptists tonight and tomorrow as a gift to myself.

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