Increased suicides worry Marines – Increased suicides worry Marines

Warning! Cognative dissonance! Take a look at these two paragraphs:

The Christmas and New Year’s period and the weeks following can be fraught with isolation and emotional distress for both civilians and service personnel alike. In an advisory sent to Marine commanders last year, service mental health officials warned that the post-holiday period especially can be most “tumultuous” for people contemplating suicide. “January can bring serious financial burden and feelings of isolation and therefore requires our closest attention,” the memo warned.

People kill themselves because they are isolated from those they care about and because they can’t get the things they want to do done. Gotcha.

Gaskin said there was no special cause for the recent increase in suicides and that the additional deployments and transfers linked to increased anti-terrorist operations weren’t a factor. Instead, he said, the causes are “the same old stuff everybody else faces,” including relationship problems, legal problems, financial problems, alcohol and drug abuse.

Okay, so… erugh? Increased deployments have nothing to do with it? Stupid! You so stupid! People have relationship problems because long distance doesn’t work, and Afghanistan and Turkey is sure as hell long distance. Legal problems acrue because you aren’t at home to handle them, and rest assured, the majority of these legal problems are divorces. The average person is only involved in two kinds of legal problems — divorces and traffic accidents. Financial problems? Try keeping up with your bills from 5000 miles away. Alcohol and drug abuse? Extended deployment. Nothing to do, no one that you care for around, nothing to spend your money on, nothing to do but try to escape the only way you can — in your own head.

We are deploying our fighting men and women too much, for too little. Clinton started it, with his policy of using the Armed Services as political distractions and brushfire firemen, and Bush has continued this by refusing to stop these little stopgap measures, and instead instituting the War on Freedom — I mean, War on Terrorism.

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