Jordan activists urge thousands to enlist as ‘human shields’

Jordan activists urge thousands to enlist as ‘human shields’

Opposition activists in Jordan have launched a campaign aimed at enlisting tens of thousands of Jordanians to defend Iraq against a US attack.

A group of Islamist and nationalist leaders, calling itself the National Mobilisation Committee in Defence of Iraq, said it planned to transport 100,000 Jordanian civilians to Iraq before January 17 to form human shields around key installations.

This is going to be so funny. I don’t like socialists. I don’t like Muslims. I don’t like idiots. They are all three!

Do they really think that we can tell the difference between two different kinds of brown people? “If you’re brown, you better watch out, because we’ll bomb the shit out of you!” Do they think that we get better at telling the difference at 30,000 feet? “Eagle Eye, this is strike three one. Target appears to be brown people, over.” “Copy, strike three one. Can you confirm that these are Iraqi and not Jordanian, over?” “Eagle Eye, target is brown, repeat brown.” “Copy, Strike three one. You are clear to bomb the shit out of them.”

At least the Jordanian government has a fairly reasonable stance.

The Jordanian government, which maintains a military alliance with the US, said it had no objection to people travelling to Iraq or expressing their opinions.

“We cannot prevent people from choosing to commit suicide,” said Mohammed Adwan, information minister.

The reporter failed to note when he said, “And we never really liked these guys anyway. We are hoping that the US kills them, because it is getting expensive to have to shoot them ourselves. Do you know how much Black September cost us the first time? We are currently negotiating to get Rosie O’Donnell and the Steve the Dell Dude to immigrate to Jordan so we can send them too, as thanks to America for relieving us of this burden.”

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