Sharon gives army free hand to kill

ArabNews: Sharon gives army free hand to kill

I don’t mind eating crow as long as it is prepared well. This time, Arab News actually has better coverage of the fighting than Haaretz. The Haaretz account gives a matter of fact view of the killings, (which, to be fair, is in line with thier matter of fact reporting of Palestinian killings of Israelis, both Hebrew and Arab) while Arab News gives a good account of the killings by both sides (the eating crow part, since they usually white-wash or completely ignore the Arab killings.)

The only issue that I have with the Arab News account is that it misleadingly juxtaposes an alleged plan to increase the pace of assasinations of terrorists to the accidental killings of the children in Israel over the last few days. I wasn’t able to discern from either account the disposition of the protesters. Being an American, I tend to think of a protest as something involving picket signs and a coffee station set up on the side. My intellect has to remind me when I read “protest” in this context, it usually involves mobs, weapons, stone throwing and lynchings. (Before you read stone-throwing the wrong way, remember that this is how David slew Goliath and Cain slew Abel.)

The Haaretz account says that there was stone throwing involved in the protest, but that is as far as it goes.

I was surprised to see a much more in depth account of the actions of the Arab terrorists in Israel in the Arab News account. I was surpised that the story of the RPG attack wasn’t covered more in the Israeli press that I see, but I’m not shocked, given the American policy of covering up terrorist attacks if at all possible. Perhaps the Israelis are taking a page from our playbook.

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