Bush plan won’t stimulate economy

Davis: Bush plan won’t stimulate economy

SACRAMENTO — Gov. Gray Davis criticized President Bush’s economic plan Tuesday because he said it lacks the short-term job creation and stimulus measures needed to immediately turn around the U.S. economy.

Davis applauded the extension of unemployment benefits and middle class tax-cuts in Bush’s $674 billion package, but stressed it would fail to cut the jobless rolls this year. Bush should invest money in public projects like roads and Amtrak instead of relying on the private sector for job growth, Davis recommended.

And with that short, iditiotic statement, any (little r) rational thinker shoud dismiss him with prejudice on any issue involving economics. Mr. Davis seems to have no concept of “What is Seen, and What is Not Seen”. Fredrick Bastiat figured this one out over a hundred years ago, but word hasn’t seemed to make it to California yet.


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