Detroit officer severs woman’s finger

Detroit officer severs woman’s finger

As some of you guys may have picked up on now, I am a little concerned about liberty. I have one question after reading this article: Where was the fucking probable cause?!?

He wrote in his report that Gullas smelled of alcohol but refused to produce her license, saying she wasn’t doing anything wrong.

You know, last time I checked, “failure to ID” is not a crime in America. The cop failed to ID himself properly, and he had no reason to arrest her.

On top of all of that, using a knife is just like using a gun. It is still deadly force. If you wouldn’t use your gun to shoot a knife out of a suspect’s hands, then you should be using a knife to cut at a suspect’s sleeves. There is a reason the samurai trained to strike at the wrists of an opponent. I hope she sues the shit out of the city of Detroit and that financial risk gets some cities to start doing something about the jack-booted thugs that give the good cops a bad name.

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